Session 2 – Four $*#@$%^ Crit Fails !!!

Dr. Hyun has been promoted to the emergency room across the street.  Icebox is now in charge of the ambulance crew.  It has been two weeks since our last high danger run.  We spend some evenings at Thumper’s restaurant, and have some other calls.  Icebox is taking his new role very seriously.  He is making videos of our runs and editing them into suggestion videos for upper management.  They are very well received, along with his extended cleaning of the ambulance by the EMT crew.

The area around Thumper’s restaurant is deteriorating.  There is a lot of new weapons and hardware, and several gangs are picking up activity, including the Sewer Rats.  Thumper gets some more security for the place.

One day after a long shift we return to the office.  Mari is in a good mood.  She comes out of the locker room all made up, and says “I have a date.”  She seems happy and then heads out.  We are still hanging around the office with some of the other crews.  Jaywalk approaches us and starts making small talk.

We decide to head to Ulrich’s for dinner.  Jaywalk comes with us.  He and Bright really hit the booze hard.  The rest of us hang out, eat dinner, and talk.  During dinner Icebox gets a call from Mari, and she seems in trouble. We agree to go help her.  Icebox tries calling corp HQ to get her location.  Jaywalk says he can drive us, but he is pretty slammed from his margaritas.  Mari is located in the core of downtown Chicago, in the Saeder-Krup building.

We head back to HQ and Jaywalk runs to the VTOL pads.  We pile in and he takes off suddenly. Icebox was not belted in and flies into the back bulkhead.  We make it to the building in record time.  Icebox is trying to call Mari.  She says she is on the 31st floor of the Saeder-Krupp building, apt 3108.  She is bleeding from a cut on her face, and says she has three other women with her.

A security guard tries to waive us off, and says he has gotten no calls.  We land and say that we have a call.  More security comes out to question us.  Icebox tries to talk to them and let them know we are on a legitimate call.  He doesn’t buy it, but Icebox tries to go along.  Ryoshi tries to help talk, but fails miserably.  They come towards us threateningly.

Meanwhile, Espadas grabs rappelling gear and goes down as far as he can.  He slashes open a window  and tries swinging into it.  He succeeds and then cuts the rope.

We jump back into the ambulance.  Jaywalk drops us down to the 39th floor.  We see the hole where Espadas went in.   Some drones come up around us and we have to duck around behind another building in the VTOL.

Espadas calls us and tells us he is heading down to 31st floor.  He gets down there and sees two security guards.  They spot him and start approaching.  He rushes them.  They shoot at him and miss.  He knocks one of them to the floor.  A melee ensues as they try to get tasers on him.  Espadas turns and busts the open the door to 3108.  He hears Mari from one of the rooms and he goes into the room, where she is waiting with 3 other girls.  They lock the door and he calls us for a pickup.

They bust into an interior courtyard down from the apartment.  They cut through a few more walls and break a window to get access to the outside.

We swoop down in the ambulance to the opening, but several combat drones also close in.  We shoot and disable the drones, but more appear.  Ryoshi accidentally shoots the back wall of the ambulance.  Mari and Espadas grab the girls and jump on the ambulance.  We shoot some more drones, and they shoot back.  We sweep away from the building.

On the way back to the garage, Mari tells us what happened, after thanking us profusely.  She was dating a nice, rich guy (Charlie Dupree), but she admitted she ignored some warning signs.  They went out for dinner with him and some other guys and friends (Jenny, Bambi, and Laurie).  They all went back to his apartment to continue the party.  The guys started getting abusive, and trying to attack them.  They talked about doing a deal tonight with some serious weaponry laying around the apartment.  She was able to take a picture of the location of the deal.  It is in the Shattergraves area near the lake.

We come up with a cover story that Mari was calling for one of the other girls who has a bracelet but wasn’t able to activate it.   We make sure everyone knows it and then return to the base.  The station manager meets us at the pad and we tell our story.  He is clearly pissed but doesn’t want us to yell at us in from of the girls we rescued.  He tells us to meet in one hour.  Mari coaches Jenni to tell her dad that we saved her, so at least we will get a customer to help our case.

We are suspended for a week.  Espada was not involved as far as the corp knows, so he is still working.  Ryoshi works at the Triple Tap to help out Thumper and family.  Mari and Jaywalk stop by during the week.  Later in the week we here that the weapon sale was not stopped, but several people were arrested leaving the scene.  Charlie Dupree is in prison awaiting trial.

After a week we return to work.  Grunt seems to have gone to bat for us.  There are some dirty looks but otherwise things seem to return to normal.