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Session 3 – Shopping

Once the crew get’s to Sarris Warehouse’s Varan meets up with another Vanguard and heads off. Chance is not interested in heading out into the crowds. This leaves X on his own.

X hops a train and heads off to meet up with a contact to pick up some armor. When X arrives he makes his way to Robert Sweeny’s establishment. X does not see Robert sitting in his usual chair when he arrives so he make a call to him. After a short conversation Robert invites X into the back.

When X walks into the back he sees at least a dozen armed guards. X asks Robert what is up. He explain that there is a very rare shipment coming in. Eventually a heavily armored transport arrives and off loads a vibrio cage which contains alien creatures. Robert explains that they were found in the outer rim on a ship unlike anyone has ever seen.

X is amazed by what he sees but excuses realizing that Robert is itching to have him leave now. Robert asks what X wanted purchase. X explains that he was looking to buy some armor.  As X is leaving he catches Robert with a concerned look as X is still there when the buyer for the animals show up. The limo that pulls up has Brabit printed on it.

Up front a young lady guides X to the armor and then she gestures to the special products room. X says to her “Are you coming in with me?” She pauses  then slap him. Once in the room X receives the woman’s number.

Two more customers filter into the special part of the store. One, a robot, makes his way around the store. After wandering around he makes his way to the bathroom.  The other customer makes his way around the area also.


Session 2 – Ore Storage

After the previous job, X lets Varan and Chance know that one of the barrels we recovered was full of a rare and expensive ore known as Tyrite. However, he thinks that it would be suspicious if we offloaded it right after the job. Varan says that we should hide it, and X agrees.

We land at a the Bezmer Space Docks, a small outpost on Earth in what used to be South America, and the three of them go to a nearby supply area and buy sturdy sewage waste containers — a larger one for the waste and a second one to put the actual ore in.

Varan disguises himself because this is work that no Vanguard would be doing. X helps him cover his face  and dirty up, and Varan feels for a moment like X has done something to him. He looks but doesn’t see anything. He tells X to keep his hands to himself.

We load up the ore, Varan and Chance doing most of the work because X’s wounds are still healing. It is a tough job and Varan is sweating, not used to manual labor. After a while all of the ore is loaded up and surrounded by sewage in the larger container.

We will need to take the container to the storage area ourselves. We find a place nearby which seems pretty slummy but should work. The woman behind the counter is old and ugly, with a face tattoo and a vape stick. She says “15 credits a day and you can’t sleep in them, 33 a month and you CAN’T sleep in them and 500 for a year AND YOU CAN’T SLEEP IN THEM.” Without doing the math, Varan slides her 500 credits with a disgusted look on his face. She walks away and leaves a cloud of vapor. X nudges Varan and says that he overpaid — the monthly price is better. When she comes back, X asks for 6 months at the monthly rate and she refunds part of the money. She gives us a strange looking security key and leaves again.

We push the ore through a set of doors and to our small storage locker, while we are recorded by several security drones. Chance lifts the crate into the unit and is sure to slop some sewage over the side so no one gets curious. He has feces all over his gloves.

We leave, and as we do Varan notices that the security key has a recording device and GPS on it. X thinks that we should go back and get our stuff, but Varan blurts out “I could probably re-route the signal so it can’t track us, but will need some help with the hacking.” X covers his mouth so he doesn’t say more. He finds some oil and grease and covers the key so we aren’t recorded. He also takes a small audio player and turns it on so the key is recording just the music.

Varan washes up in a local restroom, getting the grime off of himself, then contacts a hacker and has the GPS signal and recordings from the key re-routed to a random server. It costs 5 credits a day to keep it from recording us.

We go back to the ship. Chance uses a blowtorch to clean off his suit and gloves of all the sewage, but the whole ship smells like burnt feces now.

X takes some painkillers to deal with his still un-healed wounds. He downs them with a beer which makes him a bit woozy. Varan notices this.

Before we go, X asks Varan to help him fix a laser rifle. Varan takes a look at it and is able to fix it as it had solid internals, however it fires blue whereas most fire red or orange. X likes the color.

Varan, disgusted with this place, says that they should leave. X suggests that we go to meet a friend of his where we can find parts for the robot and also some “companionship”. Varan asks him to lay in the location and the robot is hooked up to help with navigation, though it doesn’t have any arms or legs.

Varan asks Chance to pilot, but X asks if he’s ever piloted and he says “Once in boot camp.” Varan looks alarmed and says that he will pilot. X assures him that he can fly better than either of them even in his slightly addled state, but Varan says absolutely not and takes the helm. X, resigned, drops into the co-pilot seat. The robot also asks if he should take over since Varan seems less than skilled. Annoyed, Varan says that he will do it.

The robot gets the coordinates set. The team gets permission from ground control to leave, and Varan activates the thrusters. The robot reminds him to turn on the shielding and deactivate the docking plates, which Varan does with a loud curse. However he has bumped the stick and they are off course. X takes over piloting and rights the course. Varan relents and lets him fly.

The robot philosophically says “Remember, he may know how to fly, but he does not own his own ship. Each needs one another.” Varan loudly tells him to shut up. In response, the whole ship turns off. Varan panics but the robot says that we should remember that he is part of the ship now. Varan is spooked and says that maybe we should have left the robot on the ship we found it on. X says that he  is on the robot’s side.

The ship turns back on and we resume traveling to our destination. X has been calling the robot “B” but asks  it what its name is. It says “Norro”. X agrees to call it either that or “B”.

Within minutes we arrive at Sarris Warehouse, a massive warehouse that has been added on for over 200 years to be one of the biggest indoor markets. X says that we should not take any valuables with us when we go into the market.

Session 1 – Chronicles of X

The year is 3021. The human race expanded to other planets in the solar system in the mid 2000s due to advances in metallurgy, making super solar batteries. On Earth, the further away from the equator, the poorer you are likely to be, but due to technology, nature is now making a comeback. Poorer people are in large cities. On Luna there are cities and places that are safe, but on Mars it is completely lawless.

Aliens, in particular those of the Vanguard race, have taken notice of humans now and live among them. The Vanguard are just like humans but are smarter and more technologically advanced. They achieved spaceflight capability hundreds of years before humans but only revealed themselves after the humans started traveling to other planets.

Our group is a team of independend consultants named Axaniax “X” Zadra (pilot), Chance Sol (soldier) and Varan Stel (Vanguard, mechanic and captain). We have a small ship with two shuttles that can have mining capability. We are located in what used to be London, but the city is now made up of thousands of skyscrapers built on top of what used to be called London.

A man named Captain Bannell Racket contacts us looking to retain our services. Varan looks him up to see if he is legit, but only finds references to a “Col. Banner” instead. This Captain Racket seems to somehow be associated with Banner. We decide to meet and take a shuttle. At the appointed place there is a hangar where we see a gigantic ship. There are many people working here loading items and doing maintenance on the ship. X camouflages himself and observes. He sees a lot of people among the workers who are ex-military and have cybernetics.

Captain Racket comes out with some soldiers who are casually holding weapons. He greets us warmly and invites Varan and Chance inside. Chance notices that he is older but due to his uniform’s insignias was probably a former high ranking airforce officer. Varan starts recording everything so X can see what is going on. Chance is acting as Varan’s bodyguard.

Racket tells us that they run a mining and shipping business, and recently almost $270k credits worth of copper and silver were stolen by pirates. They cut into the ship, destroying the mining pods they were in and making off with the goods. They were coming from the sun to earth, and afterwards the pirates probably went to the moon.

During the conversation, X sneaks his way onto the ship and shows up just as the group is getting the briefing. Racket is not rattled and welcomes X. He continues to say that he wants us to find the shipment and return it. He offers us one third, or $90k credits for the safe return of the cargo. X tries to negotiate the price, but Racket says that don’t have any extra funds for us on this. He seems serious so we don’t push it. They do have data on where the pirates went. When we go to the moon, we will get free docking fees if we have to dock. We take the job, and Varan says that he has made a good choice — we will do everything we can to return the cargo intact.

As we are leaving, X asks around the docks and finds out about a source named Bobcat and finds that the pirates may be orbiting the moon. Varan contacts a friend of his and he calls Bobcat, telling him that we are interested in buying. We fly up to orbit and meet with them, docking our ship with theirs. There is another ship nearby but no one else that we can detect. Varan and X go over to the ship while Chance mans the helm and weapons in case something goes south.

Varan and X board the ship and see that there are three men on board. They check on the product they have here. It seems legit, but the pirates are nervous. X notices that one barrel has chromatic copper and the other barel has silver mixed with extremely rare Tyrite ore and the third barrel has more ore. X does not say anything about the Tyrite to anyone. It doesn’t seem as thought the pirates are even aware of the Tyrite. The pirates are unwilling to negotiate, tempers flare and the trade is a bust. The pirates order us out and they open up on our ship. Chance has been waiting for this and lights them up takeing out one of their guns. A firefight starts and X shoots a pipe next to the pilot with his laser pistol which spills cooling fluid on him. Varan finishes him off with his rifle. In return X takes a shot in the chest from the other pirate. X shoots the other guy in the leg, but he spins and shoots a fuel barrel. It explodes taking out the whole room. Varan and X are seriously injured but the pirate dies in the process.

X asks Varan to secure the hallway in case there are any  more pirates. X grabs a hand full of Tyrite and hides it in his g-suit.

Meanwhile, Chance shoots the second ship straight through the center taking off its cannons and disabling it. He sees a third ship rabbit and notices that they cut their cargo before they left. It is the missing ore. The crew travels over to retrieve the three abandoned ore containers. Chance space walks to attach a teather to the ore containers and X gently manuevers everything back to the disabled pirate ships.  Once back at the ships the crew salvages as much from the pirate ships as they can. They retrieve 3 g-suits, 2 laser pistols, 1 laser rifle (not working probably easily fixable) for gear. X states that he will be taking a g-suit, laser pistol and the rifle. They top off fluids (7000 credits worth) from the ships.

Then they call their employer to come retrieve the ore containers. Racket is extremely impressed that all of the ore was retrieved and happily pays what was promised. They also run a scan on the two pirate ships and find that there are 25K and 11K credit bounties on them. Varan notifies the authorities of the the ships and retrieval vessals are dispatched. The group departs after a job well done and a bunch of extra cash in their pockets.