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Session 4 – History Lesson

The party decides to infiltrate Readi-Med’s warehouse to find evidence before we make our demands to the president of the company. Reg tries to hack into their servers for several hours, but is caught in the act by security. He jacks out before they can identify him, but takes massive strain by doing so. Skaale is able to ease some of his pain with healing spells.

The party is unsure of the correct approach at this point, so they go to consult with Smoke Jaguar. Smoke tells the group that he can hook them up with some stealth suits to assist them in getting into Readi-Med’s facility. However he cannot get silencers, the party would need to do that themselves.

After retrieving the equipment, the group sneaks their way into the complex by snipping through the barb wire fence. Though they are not extremely stealthy, they manage to get to the building undetected.

The building is broken into, and the group finds a cold storage area. Reg hacks the inventory records of a nearby computer and looks for items listed as “body parts.” He finds a room that is designated for organs, and the party stealths its way towards the location. Guards are detected nearby and they are passed without raising the alarm. The party goes into the organs room and sees various frozen bits in containers.

Skaale and Jack fill a cooler with random organs and the party sneaks out of the room. Several dwarf guards are seen at the exit of the building, blocking their way. Reg hacks one of the guards’ cybereyes to make him see the illusion of someone running down the corridor. The guard does not move and Reg gets kicked out of his system. The building’s doors suddenly locks; it appears that security has been alerted.

Jack ducks his head out into the hallway and sees a very strange sight — monkeys on roller skates, with Uzi’s?! The monkeys begin firing on our position and whizzing past. Jack takes a couple of slugs and falls back; Skaale heals him. Nacre jumps out of the door and fires a grenade arrow towards the monkeys. The others follow him, firing their weapons. The monkeys shoot back and a they suddenly explode from detonated cranial bombs. The party is wounded badly; Nacre is unconsious and possibly dead.

The group makes their way out of the building and ahead of them they see what appear to be a pack of hellhounds. The party is confused and thinks that they have possibly died and gone to Hell. Suddenly from the top of the hill, massive gunfire erupts. It kills the hellhounds and covers the group’s escape from the building, but as they reach the summit of the hill, no one is there. A wall of fire comes up behind them to cover their escape. They don’t ask questions, but leavel quickly in the van.

The party returns to home base and Smoke Jaguar meets them there. He says that the group’s plan of threatening Readi-Med will not work; using their connection with DocWagon would be a much more effective method. Most likely they would wish to avoid a PR scandal and would bring Readi-Med in line.

A professional-sounding letter is prepared and sent to a corporate member of DocWagon. He responds to the party within a day and a meeting is arranged at a high-end restaurant. The group members dress nicely for the meeting.

The party shows him photo evidence of the crime and an agreement is reached. In exchange for the group’s silence, the man will give 250,000 nuyen to the boy’s family as well as lifetime DocWagon contracts. The party is offered 1 million nuyen and lifetime super-platinum DocWagon contracts, as long as they agree never to do a run against DocWagon. The party accepts the offer.

Session 3 – History Lesson

The group surveils the building for three days and do not see the van again. Apparently the lead has gone cold.

The group decides to find out some more info on Harris Corp to see if there is any evidence of the crime. Reg hacks in and finds that there are 3 warehouses on the site. The firewall is very tough but he sees a flaw in it — several hours later he is able to get in. He finds records on their vans and some of them seem suspicious. He looks into the buildings futher and finds a very secured area in one of the buildings. He tries to gain entry to the secured area and succeeds. He finds the name “Kelemen Torcidek” encrypted in the file, and a similar file to the one found before with strange symbols on it.

Reg comes out and tells the rest of the group what he found out. Kelemen is apparently a regional director of DocWagon. The group begins thinking of ways to get into the building…for a very long time.

The party devises a plan to get into the Readi-Med building; Skaale and Eclipse go in first and Skaale tells the receptionist that he has a headache. He goes into the lobby and pretends to fill out a form. One of the guards comes over and recognizes the runners — he introduces himself as the son of one of the men we got out of Chicago 15 years ago. His name is Bertoldt Freiherz. Skaale thinks that he can be trusted and tells him the whole story. He says that he can get the runners into the secured area but we must avoid the cameras. Reg is able to log in and loops the cameras for one hour so we can move about undetected.

Bertoldt lets us in and the Skaale and Eclipse look around. They see bodies but not the body of the Ork kid, unfortunately. There are boxes in each body drawer with random body parts and organs. They have symbols on them that correspond to the fields in the database. They have an idea and put RFID tags on all of the organs, and then quickly get out of the room when they are finished. Jack pretends that he was getting sick and comes out of the clinic as well. They thank Bertoldt for his help and tell him to call if he ever needs anything, and also tell him to say “hi” to his dad.

A week later, the party is alerted that the organs have moved and they have gone to Harris Corp. A day later most of the RFID chips are deactivated, save one. That one goes to St. Luke’s Hospital downtown.

It is decided that Mark, the Ork boy, is surely long gone by now and the party probably won’t find any trace of him or his organs. There is discussion of what to do, since those responsible must be caught in the act. A camera is left on the building. After two weeks, there are six people captured by the camera who are matched up as being missing.

The information is packaged up nicely by Reg and a video is made showing the missing person’s report along with the video evidence collected. The words “WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING” are placed in block letters at the bottom of the video. Before sending this out, the apartment is cleaned out entirely and the party abandons the area. Also, Bertoldt the security guard is notified that he should terminate his position with the company so he could not become liable.

The party prepares to send an email to the president of the company of Readi-Med, but they are as of yet unsure how to word it.

Session 2 – History Lesson

We decide to case the West Allis clinic to see if Reg can hack in and get some information, security tapes, etc. from their network. He fails in his attempt to get in and gets out of the network by the skin of his teeth, with no info.

We park the car a few blocks away and prepare to do some physical investigation. Skaale goes astral and studies the building, seeing that there is a strong astral barrier surrounding it. He recognizes the signature as being of corporate origin. He returns to his body and reports what he saw. The others except for Skaale and Reg leave the car and do a walk-by.

Reg continues trying to hack into the network for several hours. Jack, Nacre and Eclipse go around the building and then go to George Webb’s for some food. Reg is eventually able to gain access but is caught again by security. This time he manages to talk his way out of the situation by telling the security program that he is an operator doing routine maintenance. He digs through some security recordings but does not find anything of value. He tries for info on which doctors were working that night and finds the names of three along with their addresses. They all live up on the prestigious north side, however, which we cannot go visit or risk being caught by the authorities.

As Reg is continuing to sift through the data to find anything else of value, Skaale notices a suspicious black van pull into the ambulance entrance of the clinic. He backs up the car a few feet so he can see what is going on. The men are bringing several large cooler-type containers into the van. Skaale and coms the rest of the group to tell them what has happened. The group exits the George Webb’s and comes back towards the car. Skaale pulls around the south side of the clinic and the other members of the group meet him there. He jumps in the back seat and Jack takes the driver’s position. Reg is still deep in the Matrix.

The van pulls out of the clinic driveway and we follow. Jack tries to stay a fair distance away but it seems that they have caught on to us. They swerve wildly and turn right down another street, and then left at the next one. Skaale says not to follow them, but Jack ignores him and squeals the tires as we make the turns to pursue. The van turns into an alleyway and we follow once again. They slam on the brakes and the van doors open. Two men with submachine guns begin to open fire on Jack’s car. He rams them and one of the men falls off onto the hood of the car, but he is still firing his weapon.

One of the other men tosses a grenade underneath the car as they continue to fire on us. The windshield is busted and Jack’s car is now immobile, so the three group members bail and run away from the car. When they are not twenty feet away the car explodes in a huge ball of fire, lifting up some ten feet off of the ground. Reg gets a piece of shrapnel in his neck from the explosion, and Skaale rushes to heal him. As we are recovering we see the van hurriedly pull away and disappear.

Skaale, Jack and Reg walk the mile or so back to the other party members. Jack is cursing the whole way about his car and vows revenge on the guys that did it. Skaale and Reg take their motorcycles back to the warehouse, and the others take the bus. Even the weirdos on the bus won’t sit next to Jack because he is scorched and covered in blood.

Back at the warehouse everyone recuperates for a day or two. Reg is healing from the damage he took and Skaale is attempting to bond his sustaining foci with various spells. Reg plays a joke on Jack by anonymously purchasing a month pass to the bus for him. Jack guesses that it is Reg who did it and is none too happy. Jack later enlists Wiz Kid’s help to salvage what is left of his car, but there isn’t much left except the frame.

Reg, remembering the license plate of the van, searches out the owner and finds it registered to Harris Corp at 1310 E. Grange. Jack searches online for information related to Harris Corp. He finds that it is a subsidiary of Abbott’s Labs, which is owned by DocWagon. We surmise that either someone on the inside of ReadyMed is working with DocWagon to do the organ harvesting or DocWagon is trying to frame ReadyMed for the crimes.

Since the group no longer has a vehicle they decide to go car shopping. Jack buys a Bulldog Stepvan that will ostensibly hold everyone and all of their gear. Eclipse and Skaale pitch in 12,000 nuyen each.

Reg sets up Jack with a new fake SIN and the group leases out a space in the building across the street from the clinic in his name in order to surveil the building. It is on the first floor just west of the ambulance entrance. The party watches the goings-on at the clinic for a few days before making their next move.

Session 1 – History Lesson

We are introduced to Register Zero, or “Reg” who is a 19 year old Technomancer. He carries around a small musical keyboard and will sometimes zone out and play. His companion is a Dwarf shaman. We learn that Nutz was not put in cryo-freeze with us and escaped away somewhere instead.

Wiz Kid says that they overlooked the abilities we gained from the staff, otherwise they might really have dissected us. Even so it took months for his staff to detox us before they brought us out of freeze. Hopefully they didn’t miss anything.

Wiz Kid takes us to the old warehouse, which he has kept everything preserved the way we had it when we left. The sub, Jack’s car and Skaale’s motorcycle are in storage here. We start getting comfortable with the warehouse again, and Jack goes next door to his old office. He finds a 15 year old whiskey in the drawer.

Moments later an elderly couple comes into Jack’s office and ask for his help. Their son Mark worked at a bar somewhere in Milwaukee and after work a few nights ago he disappeared and no one has seen him since. They offer to pay 9000 nuyen for us to find him. He says he will do it for 7000, but asks how they found out about his services. They say that they found him listed in the book.

Jack coms the rest of the group and they agree to take the job. Skaale mentions that he wouldn’t mind doing an easy job since they all have to get their bearings. Reg hacks into the others’ conversation and offers to help. Jack tells him the name of the bar and Reg starts to look into their records. He finds some security videos that were supposedly deleted from the previous night. There is also one from the night of the incident but he isn’t able to recreate that one.

Mark’s parents return with a pair of his pants. Jack gets the scent and tells the rest of us that we should visit the bar to see if we can find anything there. Jack meets us all at the warehouse and helps Reg disguise himself so he looks older, with a ridiculous moustache. We leave for the bar and purposefully arrive separately a few minutes apart so we don’t gain attention.

Reg goes to the bar and drinks 2 beers, and watches the trid. The others filter in. Jack asks the head bouncer if he saw anything happen to Mark. The bouncer is surly at first but once he hears that Jack was hired by Mark’s parents he is more helpful. He says that there was a Ready-Med van in the alley behind the building 30 minutes after Mark left. He noticed that it was van #269. He never saw Mark after that.

Jack asks around to the other patrons, but no one is particularly helpful. He goes outside to the alleyway an dpicks up Mark’s scent. There are also tire tracks here, ostensibly from the Ready-Med van. He calls the rest of the group out to help look for other clues, but we find nothing further. Jack hypothesizes that the Ready-Med van kidnapped him.

Reg hacks into the Ready-Med servers and finds a record showing that a van was sent to the bar, but there is no record of who the technicians were or why they came. Reg makes a user account for himself so he can log in easily at a later date. There is also a strange file in this directory. He downloads the file and sees that it contains the names and addresses of two Ready-Med employees. Afraid that someone might catch him, he quickly jacks out with the pilfered info.

Reg examines the file and it is very strange. It has columns of data with dates, icon symbols, and seemingly random numbers. We figure that these cannot be records of stops, because the dates go several days into the future. Perhaps they are schedules of some sort or a list of people to be kidnapped.

Reg checks the papers looking for reports of missing people and finds nothing. He then checks the public message boards and sees mentions of people who went missing the same night as Mark. Five of these people had accounts with Ready-Med. He finds their personal information and downloads it all.

Using the name and address info we found, we go to the house of the driver, a man named Fred Savage. We interrogate him and he is very scared and cooperative. He says that they picked up Mark because he had a heart attack. They were able to revive him in the van and he was taken to one of their clinics — he knows nothing more. Skaale manifests in the room, scaring he and his wife half to death, and they ascertain that Savage is telling the truth. The party departs, and on the way out Reg blocks all of Savage’s calls so he cannot phone the police. We question the other driver, a female, and she corroborates the info that Savage gave us.

After more study we realize that the “12” column may correspond to organs they need, since there are 12 general areas of the body. We decide to go to the clinic Mark was taken to and look around.