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Episode 27 – Bravely Brave Sir Fossar…

We rise early in the morning knowing this will be a fateful day.  Thaddeus presses a potion into the hand of each party member saying to drink it when we find the dragon.  It will help fortify you for the battle head.

At the blacksmith shop, Roland is finishing the assembly of an 8 foot tall iron man with a ghost rock boiler.  It emits a scream as the boiler comes to life, the robot stands and looks at Roland for a command.  At this point there is a rumbling in the town, and the skies start to darken.

Meanwhile back at the cabin we notice the weather is turning.  It is getting darker and cold.  Fossar notices a small girl right outside of the cabin.  She asks to see Maverick.  She introduces herself as Sally and says we helped her family when we first got into town.  She says she thinks we are heroes and she needs our help.  She says her mother is ill and the doctor is busy.  Thaddeus agrees to go with her.  Maverick goes as well.

As we leave it feels like an earthquake.  We see a huge tendril burst out of the ground by the horses.  It grabs a horse and decapitates it.  The other horses runn oft (O Brother Where Art Thou), and three zombies appear from the hole the tentacle made.

Jimmy flies out of the cabin and attacks a zombie.  He slays it with his tomahawks.  Maverick shoots the tentacle and it falls and shrinks back into the ground.  Thaddeus throws a potion that explodes and shakes the zombies.  Fossar engages them in lively conversation.  They respond that they are here to destroy, which the posse can’t understand but somehow Fossar can.  He attacks one of them and wounds it.  The zombie swings and misses.  The girl cowers in fear, and starts to ride away.

Another tentacle and two more zombies appear.  We also hear the outhouse break apart.  Lucille jumps on a horse and get ready to ride.  Fossar kills one zombie but then his shovel flies out of his hand.  Jimmy kills the last zombie near the cabin, but we have more to deal with.  Maverick shoots the tentacle to the south and kills it.  The zombies close with him but they miss him.  Thaddeus shoots another.

Maverick takes out the the remaining zombies.  We all jump on horses and ride for town, except for Lucille who rides north.  Before she leaves she gives a slip of paper to Maverick. We don’t see her anymore.

Once in town we goes to the girl’s house and find her mother.  Thaddeus treats her with his medical knowledge.  Maverick goes to talk to the blacksmith and sees the automaton.

At that moment, more tentacles and skeletons break out in the town.  Roland commands the automaton to attack with its buzzsaw and flamethrower. They attack and bind several party members.  Bat Masterson and the Russian engage but have no success.  Fossar dispatches a tentacle.  Jimmy tomahawks a zombie.  Thaddeus entangles a tentacle and zombie.  Maverick finishes off the tentacle and the zombie.  The party that is left regroups and talks.  Maverick and Thaddeus decide to head out of town and meet up with Lucille, who gave Maverick the location she was fleeing to, somewhere in Saskatchewan. Jimmy goes to assist the Dust Boys and they head out of town as well. Fossar heads to the mine alone.

We see a plume of black smoke rising from the area that was Paradise Falls. The townspeople are never seen or heard from again. Fossar’s fate is unknown.

Episode 26 – The Breaking of the Fellowship

Mav, Jimmy, Magnus, Alice and the lawmen get into town.  The law starts taking charge of the town and Mav and Jimmy are taken to the jail.  They are not put in a cell but they do take their weapons.  Some of the lawmen spread out and head out of town.  Magnus and Alice are also in the jail.  Everyone stares at each other.

Marshall Carr comes into the jail and starts questioning the group.  Mav tells him we are on the same side and we helped clean up the town.  He explains about the dragon and how it has controlled the town.

Carr shows a picture of Lucille (by another name) and asks if they know her.  The party says they do not know her.  After some back and forth a deputy comes in and whispers to him.  Carr is upset and says “Two hours. “  He is not happy about not getting answers from the group.

Jack from the Pinkerton Agency comes in with a large black man behind him.  He introduces the large man as Colby Spencer, his boss.  Colby Invites everyone to sit at the table and have some whiskey.  He tells the group that sending us here was an agency operation working with Magnus.  Many things did not go to plan, but we did succeed in unearthing some stuff.  He knows about Lucille and that she is with us, but Carr does not and will shoot her if he sees her.  He asks again for our story, including the weird stuff.  Mav spills the beans.  Much whiskey later, he asks what help we need to wrap this up.  Mav says there is no play here, grabs his guns, and heads to the back at theTriple Tap.  Magnus follows with Alice.  Jimmy too.

Back at the cabin we succeed in translating the book.  It is a book of evil powerful spells.  Including controlling people.  Anyone can read the symbols and gain control.   We decide to burn the book.  The hide  has the beginnings of a spell to bind spirits to this realm but it is not finished.  We need to find the other half or write it ourselves.

Jack runs after Magnus and tries to convince him to stay.  Magnus says there is nothing here for him and wants to head back east.  Jimmy goes to the Triple Tap.  Mav talks to Ben at the Yellow Canary to see if he wants to run the Triple Tap.  He agrees and they send Freddy over to run the Triple Tap for a cut of the action.  Jimmy is talking to the blacksmith.  The blacksmith is working on a way of protecting the town based on some plans from Jenkins.   Jimmy also warns the Dust Boys.  Bat Masterson also comes up and asks what is going on.  They explain, then head to the cabin.

When they get there (minus Magnus and Alice) Fossar tries to convince everyone that we should help the town.  Maverick is less interested.  Lucille succeeds in creating a spell that connects to the dragon and will bind him here.

Maverick heads into town in the morning to have the blacksmith make bullets out of the sacred metal we found.  There is a lot of activity around city hall and the jail house.  He also notices that the blacksmith has a furnace that can smelt ghost rock, and he is building a large man shaped device.  Mav heads to the Triple Tap.

The bar is dirty because they had a good night.  That made $98 which Mav goes to gamble right away.  The Russian at the gambling club draws 5 of a kind (2 jokers) and wins everything.  Poorer but wiser Mav heads back to the blacksmith.  He gets the bullets and returns to the cabin.

Episode 25 – Judas, We Forgive Ya

We get to the cabin and set up accommodations. There is a fight for who gets to sleep on the bearskin rug.  We all go back to trying to translate the book, including Jimmy, Fossar, and Maverick. We get more successes for a total of 15 against translating the book.  We are tired now and decide to cook, rest, and set watches.  Maverick heals Fossar.

While Magnus and Fossar are on watch, Poker Alice appears.  She climbs up and sits near Magnus.  She tells him that a bunch of miners came down and excavated the landslide found some ghost rock and silver that was missed before.  Everyone in town wants to go get it, so there will be a dance tonight and go into the mine tomorrow.    They talk quietly. <pause, more pause, Cary makes off color joke, more pause, Jeopardy theme, more pause>

Alice comes into the cabin and wakes us up.  She says that people are crazy ghost rock and silver fever. She also wants us to know that Fossar is evil,  and is maybe working with the dragon.  As she died, she saw a vision of him being captured by the dragon.  Lucille casts a mind reading spell and finds out that Fossar is indeed in league with the dragon. Poker Alice wants to kill him, but we want to talk. Thaddeus goes out and confronts him.  Fossar admits he was saved by the dragon.  The rest of the party comes out of the cabin.

Fossar explains that he was saved by the dragon, but he is not in league with him. Alice interrupts and says a bunch of people died because he knew Eva was working with the dragon and didn’t stop us. Fossar says that they were idiots because they are church-goers, so they deserved to die anyway. He also admits that he destroyed some wards to help the dragon, but he thought it would all balance out. Gray Owl asks if he means the wards in his sanctuary, and Fossar says yes. Gray Owl says that what he did put the whole town at risk because of his actions, as the evil is growing in the town due to his wards being gone.

Poker Alice says “I’ve heard enough” and raises her guns to shoot at Fossar. Fossar shovels her and she falls down. Magnus heals Poker Alice, and Thaddeus tells Fossar to stand down.

Fossar explains that he saw himself dying alone but then the dragon appeared to him and said he would bring him back if Fossar would do him a favor.   We decide to sneak into the north entrance of the mine, go to the south entrance, and then blow the south entrance so no townsfolk can get in. As they are speaking, they notice that Gray Owl has disappeared.

Maverick, Fossar, Thaddeus, and Jimmy head into the old section of the mine through the north entrance, which takes about 90 minutes to ride to. As we move into the mine we hear miners working. They notice us before we approach and ask who is there. Maverick talks to them, and we find out that they are actually finding more ghost rock in areas that we know were dry before, and there is a large vein of silver as well. Thaddeus inspects some of the ghost rock and sees that it is genuine. Maverick tries to convince the miners, of which there are about two dozen, to head back to town early and that drinks are on him. He flashes some cash and the miners are amazed. They take the money, $10 each, and some of them leave.  Others will not leave so he gives them only $5, and we head back to the cabin.

When we get back we see that Magnus and Poker Alice have left. Magnus has left a note that says “It’s been good, but this is where our paths will part.” Lucille didn’t realize that they had left for good. Fossar inspects the letter to see if Magnus has put a secret message on it, but he hasn’t. Maverick and Jimmy jump on horses and follow the trail of the horses while the rest go back to the book.  Lucille, Fossar and Thaddeus keep on the book for a total of 21 successes.

Jimmy and Maverick see a large cloud of dust as a wagon train is heading up the mountain.  They see a large posse of law enforcement, at least 50 men with three wagons. Several riders approach and see Jimmy, who has not hidden, and spot Maverick, who did try to hide but not very well. A man who introduces himself as Jack Calderon comes up to Jimmy and says that he needs to come with them back to town. Jimmy feigns ignorance but Jack says that he recognizes him as one of Magnus’ friends. Maverick agrees to head back to town with them. Jimmy also agrees but only if he can have Jack’s fashionable hat, a bowler. Making a pretty easy decision, he gives the big Indian the bowler and they all head back to town.

Episode 24 – Magnus Pokes Poker Alice (Again)

We take stock of the battle aftermath. Fossar gets to work burying the bodies of which there are 7.  The blacksmith’s kids start to wake up.  The messenger takes off, shaken but seemingly unharmed.  Robert Ford comes stumbling out of the sheriff office and says “What the hell is going on here?” At first he seems to blame the posse for what went on, but Magnus and Lucille remind him that they deserve his trust and he shouldn’t be so quick to judgement. He agrees but seems frustrated.  Rusty comes out of city hall and joins the posse, also trying to figure out what is going on. Robert says that he is not sure that he wants to be sheriff any longer because there are so many strange things going on, all of which seem connected to the posse. Rusty tries to bring him around and seems successful.  We invite them all back to the Triple Tap to discuss what’s been going on and give them the full story.

In order to get some more help to protect the town, Fossar and Jimmy go and talk to the Dust Brothers in their camp west of town. They explain to them what has been going on and Glenn agrees to send some men to help. He remarks that it’s strange that Jimmy is talking and that all of this has happened in the past couple of weeks. Glenn and eight men come back to town with Fossar and Jimmy and meet up with the rest of the group at the Triple Tap.

Meanwhile, Magnus has been helping the town doctor fix up the people who were hurt in the melee at the center of town. They are able to stabilize all eight of them. The ones that wake up, including the blacksmith’s kids, seem to have no memory of their violent actions just a couple of hours before. They don’t seem to be affected any longer. Magnus leaves after making sure everyone is tended to and heads back to the bar.

Once everyone is gathered including Rusty, Robert Ford, two of his deputies, Glenn and the rest of the posse, Thaddeus starts to tell them what has really been going on. He goes through the whole story from Jenkins’ spirit being captured to the zombie miners and all of the creatures they’ve encountered the past couple of weeks. Everyone seems to agree that weird things are happening except Rusty, who seems confused and very much a Doubting Thomas.  Lucille decides to demonstrate by turning him into the puppet.  She makes him stand on one leg and almost dump his beer.  He goes white and now believes us. Rusty asks how his father is wrapped up in all of this, and Magnus says that he doesn’t know but he is working on figuring it out. It may have something to do with the town’s founding papers which Rusty has in his care. Rusty reminds us that Otto Stauss was on the first set of papers that founded the town, but then Otto did not like sharing the wealth and left town, after which the town papers were redrawn with just Jenkins name.  Otto has disappeared, over 20 years ago. The real problems started 9 months ago.

After agreeing to help guard the town from supernatural threats while the posse goes into the mine to face the Dragon, the visitors all leave and agree to keep the town under guard. The posse goes back to looking at the book for several hours and working on the translation. It is slow going but they are making progress.

Magnus goes to the hotel and pokes Poker Alice.  Ok they just go for a walk, but I am a fan of alliteration.  Magnus questions her more.  <long pause while they talk>. Then he comes back to the bar.   We go to bed and plan to start on the book again in the morning.

Magnus takes watch and at around four in the morning he notices someone prowling in the alley next to the bar.  He goes down to confront the stranger. <long pause while they talk>. After coming back in, Magnus wakes up the rest of the posse and says that they need to pack up and leave the Triple Tap right away.  The same group of lawmen that raided Salida including a county marshal and judge are on their way to Paradise Falls tomorrow. Likely they will take over the town and will not think kindly of the posse when they do. It’s decided that they will relocate to the Kid’s shack which is near the back entrance of the mine but is far enough out of town that no one will disturb them there. When there, they can finish translating the book and hopefully get an advantage to defeating the Dragon.

Jimmy and Fossor travel quickly back to the Dust Brothers’ camp and asks Glenn for some supplies. He is able to spare several bedrolls and two tents. It’s about 5am now. They head back to the Triple Tap where the rest of the posse is loading up more supplies in a cart. Thaddeus and Maverick take the wagon of supplies on a roundabout route east of town and then north, and the rest of the party leaves VERY Obvious tracks that lead into the mine.  Then Magnus teleports them away several hundred feet so there are no connecting tracks and they start walking to the shack.  They are just out of town when we notice some creatures heading toward the town. They are a group of zombies and skeletons looking for food.

Magnus casts silence to protect the wagon from drawing their attention.  Thaddeus hits two of them with an entangle potion.  Fossar shovels the motherfucker.  Maverick kills one and they wound Magnus and Fossar.  Jimmy tomahawks another.  After a long combat they die.  Since the cone of silence kept Maverick’s pistols quiet, the town is not disturbed. We continue to the hack and set up camp, finishing up by mid-morning.

Episode 23 – Lobster for Dinner

We are outside the church with the clawed dudes and drag them into the center of town to show why we attacked them.  Robert and several deputies come up.  We explain that they attacked us.  The critters start to move so we gag them.   Then we kill them.   Then we melt the butter.  Thaddeus tries to convince the town but fails.  Magnus convinces the townsfolk to go home and secure them against any other possible critters.  Fossar buries the bodies.

We take the unbible, wrap it up in a skin, and then take it back to the triple tap.  We also search Eva and find $180.  We also find a piece of metal with hieroglyphs similar to the map and the mine.  Grey Owl could not translate them.

We go back to the triple tap to reconvene and decide what to do next.   We also look at the metal piece and the map and see if we can translate it.  We realize hat the metal piece is a key but we need more time to translate, and we need to look at the book.   Maverick helps Lucille as she reads the book, by covering her with a gun.  Lucille opens the book and feels the book try to course through her, but she resists.   Thaddeus helps her.

Magnus checks in on Alice but she is still groggy.  She remembers being in Fossar head.  She says he is going to betray us.  He has been communing with dark forces.  Magnus takes her out of the triple tap and back to her place.  On the way back he runs into Grey Owl/the kid, who is puking in a horse trough.  He asks him who can be trusted in town.  Grey Owl will check on the town leaders to see if they are possessed.  He also agrees to come back and help with the book.

When he looks at the book, he fails miserably, but Lucille saves him with the black chip.  When he looks again he is shaken but OK.  We keep working.  There is a a knock on the door of the Triple Tap.

Magnus and Jimmy answer it and do not recognize the man.  He is looking for Mr. Effing.   The man is collecting letters and will take them back east.  He asks about the commotion earlier.  They go off and talk.

We keep working on the book, with some success.  Then Jimmy and Lucille hear some noise from out on the street.  There are people gathering in the center of town.  Jimmy looks out and sees the crowd.  The blacksmith comes toward us and asks what’s going on.  His kids just left his shop and he doesn’t know what s going on.  We haven’t seen them.    We stash the book and head toward the commotion.  Magnus notices his messenger buddy in the crowd.  There is confusion as some people are milling about.  People are talking about the Lord’s will.  4 people seem to be causing the problems.

Jimmy throws a knife and disables one of them, and kills another.  They attack and nothing happens.  Fossar kills two more, so does Maverick.  Magnus zaps another.   Thaddeus throws a slumber potion and knocks out the blacksmith’s kids plus two others.

Magnus and Jimmy drop two more, and Thaddeus entangles the remaining antagonists.  Fossar taunts them to no effect.   Jimmy hits two more with knives.  We render the others unconscious.

The messenger keeps going out of town and we check on the other townsfolk.  We still don’t know what caused some of the townsfolk to turn.  We realize the aggressors were all at the church earlier.  We decide to burn the church down.

Episode 22 – Aquarium of Death

Magnus is working in his office, building something,  Thaddeus is brewing his potions.  In the morning he comes downstairs with this huge machine and uses it to bring Alice back to life.  She says WHAT THE F*(% and passes out.   That’s what happens when you have been in Fossar’s head.  Magnus is tired, but Lucille restores him.

Maverick tests his new gun.  It does more damage but he feels it trying to pull the life out of him.  We then head into town to see if we can find the kid/Grey Owl.  We find him in the bar and he is drunk.  We get him back to our place so he can sleep it off.

About 10 some of Lucille’s followers how up and ask when she will have her service.  Lucille sends them off to find the others, so they an help build a new chapel for her.  Her flock has dissipated, and they aren’t coming back.

Once Grey Owl is awake we ask if there is anything we can do to help him.  There isn’t, and his body is lost.  The dragon spirit that caused this seems to be more closely bound to this plane.  That might allow us to destroy him, or we could just leave.

Maverick commissions the blacksmith to build us a still, to help make liquor for the bar.  Lucille goes to find one of the followers who left her flock to work ones farm.  She senses that there is something arcane about him.  She confronts him.  Argue, argue, argue.  She tries to cast a spell but fails miserably.  She has a crisis of faith, and has reduced powers until she successfully performs another miracle.

She decides to approach another ex patron.  This one is also under some sort of spell but she casts dispel and he is suddenly free.  He was holding a pistol and a bible, but doesn’t remember why.  He comes back with her to the Triple Tap.

We decide to go check out the church, and Eva, since the patron muttered that name by mistake.  As we arrive there are a bunch of people going in to get food, and the bell is ringing.

The service starts and the dudes in white robes appear.  Eva appears and starts the mass and says food will be handed out after.  Maverick speaks up and asks for thanks for the people who brought in the food.  Eva lets the crowd applaud then continues.  She begins the mass and it sounds similar to a regular one, but slightly different.  There is something different about her cadence that doesn’t sound natural.  We realize that we do not recognize the guys in white robes.

Magnus tries to read her mind, but fails.  We realize that she is casting a spell on the crowd but we all resist.  Now the fun begins.

Lucille casts havoc which hurls the parishioners in front of her at Eva and one of the white robes.  Several of them hit Eva and one of the guards.  Maverick shoots another guard and drops him.  Magnus whips out another device which silences Eva.  Fossar sneaks up toward the altar.  Eva runs toward the back of the church.  She gestures and Magnus flies back.  She yells kill them all.

One of the white robes run up to Magnus and wounds him, but Jimmy returns the favor and ends the white robe.   Thaddeus throws a potion and entangles Eva and two guards, then gives a healing potion to Magnus.  Fossar drops another two of the white robes.

They attack.  Jimmy and Fossar are shaken.  Maverick shoots Eva and critically wounds her.  Jimmy drops another white robe in front of him.  Then he runs toward Eva and throws Bloodseeker.  She drops.

2 jokers later, Maverick drops a white robe and Magnus bolts another.  Jimmy runs up and dispatches the one bound white robe, and Thaddeus shoots the other.  Fossar dispatches the last one.

Jimmy recovers Bloodseeker.  The robe guys actually have talons growing out of their hands, and they look like distorted humans.  Lucille checks out the Bible.  It is not the Bible, but rather an evil book with no writing.  She opens it but it does not kill her.  It has symbols similar to the map we found in the shed.  Suddenly the white robed bodies start moving.  Lucille realizes they are harrowed so we give them the elixir  that Thaddeus made.  They come back to themselves, but they still have claws.  They are furious with us, so we kill all but two and knock out the rest.

Episode 21 – New Bar Name, The Cock and Ass

Maverick (the fake one) says I’m leaving now and backs out of the back door to the bar.  A bunch of the locals rise from the tables and say you should let him go.  Thaddeus tosses a slumber potion and two of the townsfolk fall.  He and Jimmy run out after Maverick.  Meanwhile Magnus, the blacksmith, and the others wrestle with the remaining townsfolk.  They seem to be not themselves, and several other townsfolk are trying to pull them back.

While the fight goes on in the bar, Jimmy and Thaddeus run down the alley after Maverick.  He obviously mounted a horse and rode off.  We regroup and Lucille casts mind rider on one of Mavericks possession.  Meanwhile Thaddeus goes back and grabs our horses from the Triple Tap.  He is headed east out of town, so we follow.  One the way we come up with new bar branding, complete with animal themed symbols.  Not to mention the loincloth waiter uniforms. (Thats what you get for missing a session Brad and Cary)

Jimmy and Robert Ford keep tracking the horse out of town.  We are at least 10min behind him.  We notice that he jumped of the horse but the horse kept going.  We stop and Thaddeus shouts we know you are here, come out and we will not kill you.  He is floating in the trees above us and says You stupid f***ckers.

He gets a Joker (he really is Maverick) and shoots Thaddeus, the blacksmith, and Grey Owl, who is seriously wounded and falls off the horse.  Magnus blasts him with a bolt.  Lucille casts a spell but nothing happens.  Glen shoots and misses.  Thaddeus hits him with another slumber potion and he falls to the ground.  Jimmy runs back and tries to heal Grey Owl.  He succeeds (thank you Great Spirit of bennies).  

Jimmy moves toward Mavrick’s unconscious body.  Magnus runs back to Grey Owl and heals him of one wound.  The blacksmith closes on his body, and Thaddeus also runs back and heals Grey Owl.  The blacksmith asks Lucille what to do, and she says she thinks she could do it but it would take half a day.

Suddenly the man in black rides up behind us. Thaddeus cries out a warning.  Robert finishes tying up Mavericks body.  The man in black shoots Magnus.  Thaddeus throws a glue bomb which traps the man in black so he can’t move.  Jimmy rides up and hits him with two thrown knives and wounds him.  (Cary,Matt has put his stink all over your pink dice)

The man in black breaks free somewhat but Jimmy rides up and tomahawks him for serious damage.  Thaddeus blasts the man in black with a scattergun, ending him.    Jimmy recovers his knife and gun.  The gun feels like it is drawing heat out of Jimmy’s hand, and the knife feels like it has murderous intent.  Jimmy also uncovers his face and sees that he is a normal guy but we don’t recognize him.  His clothes are completely black, as is his horse.  His horse also has glowing red eyes, but gets spooked and runs off.

We head back to town with Mavericks body and the Man in Blacks corpse.  We get back around midnight and Lucille starts the ritual to banish the spirit and put Maverick back in his body.  By dawn she is getting really loud and sweaty, and soon after Maverick wakes up.  We realize that Edward O’Kelly is the spirit that was inhabiting Maverick.  Magnus casts a barrier to try and contain it, but he floats throw but we see his spirit dissipate.  Maverick feels himself float out of his hosts body, but does not end up back in his own.  In the darkness he hears the voice of his manitou offering to gamble his life, but Maverick refuses and says he puts his trust in his friends.  Lucille rests and tries again.  Maverick hears the voice again and agrees to give him a favor in order to help Lucille.  She is able to put his spirit back in his body.  Maverick wakes up, but owes a favor to the manitou.

Maverick gets the knife and gun from the Man in Black.  The gun feels cold to him as well.  <scene>

Episode 20 – Welcome to Neverland Ranch

Shortly after getting back to the Triple Tap.  Lucille walks in and says the man in black shot her and rode away.  She is just grazed and is OK.

Lorelei is handling the map and realizes some liquid has been sprayed on it.  It is oil, which probably means there is secret writing on the map.  Lawrence runs over to the hotel and gets ink, and then puts it on the map.  We see strange symbols and writing, but it doesn’t seem recognizable.  Robert Ford/Lucille looks at the map and sees the same, it is organized but she can’t read it.  We crash for the night.  An hour later we are awakened again by the door opening and closing.  Fossar walks in.  He remembers dying in Poker Alice’s body, and hearing her consciousness scream and fading away.  Then he saw himself decomposing, but then woke up in the mines.  He got up and ran, but might have seen our bodies in there as well. We rest for what is left of the night, and Fossar gets some food.

April 29th.  When we get up we sense the same danger that we felt in South Fork.  Glen Reese finishes scavenging the herbs for Grey Owl. When he gets back we head for the mine entrance with the excavating equipment.  Some of Lucilles followers show up but we tell them Lucille had to leave town.  The blacksmith makes a few more grenades before we leave.

Once at the mine opening he sets up the excavation equipment and we start widening the hole.  Grey Owl shows up, still in the kids body.  He looks concerned.  Someone destroyed all of the wards at his camp.  He looks at the mine map and says that it seems to have some Native American symbols but he can not translate it without books from his camp.  We find the opening and Glenn notices some evidence of Fossar leaving the tunnel.  We start digging at the rubble and are able to get through after an hour.  We head into the mine.

It is very quiet and I takes us an hour to get back down. There have been some small cave ins, but we can get through.  But then we Come to a large cave in.  We start digging our way though it.  After a while we get through.  We get back to the cave with the zombies but their bodies are gone.  They were dragged off.  We  keep on and eventually come to the river that we encountered before.  Sill no sign of our bodies.

We go under the river and come out in the next chamber.  Still nothing.  We go on to the next chamber and find a huge zombie mining operation.  They are digging silver and ghost rock.  We back out to the prior chamber and ask Grey Owl if he can get us to the hunting ground.  He says he can, and starts the ritual.   After some time he says go now and we jump back into the river.

Something is poking us and we are in a forest and covered in pine needles.  We hear something about 100 feet away, chanting.  We see a clearing with stone slabs and bodies attached to them.  There are 5 or 6 creatures chanting or dancing around the bodies.

Lorelai steps out of the woods and drops one of the zombies with a shotgun.  Robert Ford hits another with his rifle, and the blacksmith drops the same one.  They chant at us but nothing happens.  Lawrence kills another.  We rapidly dispatch the other two and run to check the bodies. Maverick and Grey Owl are missing, but the rest are here.  The kid (Grey Owl) shows up and says we are not in the hunting grounds but actually are in the woods outside of town.

Grey Owl starts trying to put Lucille back in her body.   He dances, chants, and Lucille feels like she is falling away from Robert.  She wakes up and is back in her own body.  Next she and Grey Owl work on Thaddeus.  He wakes up, then Magnus, and finally Jimmy.

We start tracking the way Maverick’s body was taken.  It seems to be back towards town.  The tracks lead into the town.  Lucille and Magnus run back to the Triple Tap and get supplies while we keep following the tracks.   We get to the Paradise Hotel and the tracks go inside.   We go inside and see Maverick playing cards.  Clearly someone is using his body.  Thaddeus take him to the bar and talks to him, but Maverick pulls a gun on him.

Episode 19 – I’m Harrowed Curious…..

We follow Grey Owl/the kid east then north off of the path.  The terrain gets rockier and more hilly.  There is a small mining shanty and he fiddles with the lock on the door.  It is nasty inside, with papers strewn everywhere. They are drawings, some of which we recognize.  At the center is a drawing of the dragon.  The kid says it is a manifestation of greed in the area.  They are primordial evil spirits that live in other realms, but this one has come through to our side. They work through others to undermine communities and make chaos.

We start poking through the mess and find a map of the mine.  Grey Owl says that the kid is Seth Fry and he has ability to manipulate energy as well as see  and document it.  His father was a famous gunslinger who was killed and his mother relocated to Paradise Falls.  She died and he went into foster care, but ran away and lived as a thief.  He was approached by a consciousness and was able to observe and draw what he saw.  He has some sort of connection to the powers, but because he only watched he was not corrupted.

We also find a box with a spot for a gun and knife, but they are missing.  The box is monogrammed with his fathers initials, MF (Merton Fry).  However the marks left by the weapons look plain, so they must be unadorned.   He says the weapons were there when he left the shack last summer.   The letter says Merton left Seth the weapons, but that they take a terrible toll.  We look for some other stuff but find nothing.

Poker Alice realizes that the Man in Black had a powerful gun that could be one of the missing weapons.

We take the box for the gun and knife. We head back to town, and on the way Grey Owl explains that our bodies are still in the Hunting Grounds where the dragon is still living.  The fact that we are still alive means that he has not killed our bodies.  Grey Owl used his last magic to move us away from there.  The dragons body does occasionally appear on this plane in the secret chamber in the mind.   Grey Owl can get us back there, but needs special herbs and time to complete the ritual.  We help collect the herbs.

The blacksmith and Lawrence go back to the shop and get a few more guns, 2 pistols and a shotgun.  He also makes a battle axe from spare parts, and grenades.  Poker Alice steals some dynamite from the mine store.  Glenn Reese has the Poker Boys start gathering the herbs Grey Owl needs.  Lorelai gets laid.  Robert Ford goes back and manages his club.

In the middle of the night we are awakened by commotion on the north end of town.  It is the Man in Black.  We run after him and shoot at him.  The blacksmith hits him with a grenade.  He shoots and wounds Poker Alice/Fossar.  He shoots a burst of flame out of his hand, and Fossar is wounded.  We all shoot at him again with no effect.  He guns down Poker Alice, and Lawrence tries to drag to her to safety.  Maverick hits him with a hammer, which he shakes off.  Then he slashes Maverick with a vicious looking knife.  We shoot more with no effect.  Maverick hits him again but no damage.  Lawrence keeps pulling Alice to safety, and she is slowly bleeding out.  Poker Alice dies.  He slashes the blacksmith one last time, then wheels and charges out of town.  Maverick hits him with one last grenade, to no effect.  Jimmy also misses him.  The only good thing is we confirmed he has the knife and the gun.  We all head back to the Triple Tap.

Episode 18 – Now sh*t gets weird.

We  finish slaughtering the ghouls.  We realize that the ghouls are actually slaughtered miners who were brought back to life.  We also see that this part of the mine opens into a natural cavern.  We then spend 20 min debating about burning or burying.  We decide on burning, then move on into the natural cave.

Jimmy and Thaddeus slip but both are OK.  We continue down until it opens up into a bigger cavern.   We hear dripping water, and the corridor ends in a pool of water.  Magnus casts environmental protection on the party and we walk into the water.

The water feels viscous but not necessarily evil.  It tastes oily.  We go about 30 feet and emerge and the liquid sluffs off us.  We can’t see anything, even with the magical assistance, and we no longer feel the water behind us.  Fossar sees something glowing in the distance, and we can still hear each other.  The point starts glowing brighter, and Lucille recognizes it as the dragon moving towards us.  Orange tendrils envelop us.  Thaddeus throws a potion but it has no effect.  A disembodied voice says “Very clever Thaddeus”.

A huge orange dragon head looms over us.  The voice says its has been waiting to meet us.  He says he has influence and asks us to join his legions.  We see idealized vision of ourselves.  He says we have much to offer each other.  All of us have arrived hear by running from our past.  Thaddeus tries to persuade him that we will not be changed from our present course.  Magnus hit him with a bolt, but it passes right through.  The voice says you have lost an ally and we see   Grey Owl on the same slab that we rescued Jenkins from.  The voice says you have made your choice and the tendrils start pulsing and we see Grey Owl look at us.  He pulls out a pouch and crushes it. Dandelion fluff or something swirls around us and we see the dragon head withdraw.  The sense of vertigo increases and we all black out.

We each see a different scene when we awake.  Thaddeus senses someone else that he has a psychic connection with someone else.  It is Madame Lorelai.  When he opens his eyes he feels someone pressed up against him, and it is actually a young man, named Jeremy.  Looking into a mirror he looks like Madam Lorelai.

Fossar wakes up and sees blinding light.  When his eye clears he is under a tree and is a woman.  He is guarding the perimeter of the town.  The dragon is still in his mind, but he just senses that this is good. He is Poker Alice.

Jimmy wakes up and is stirring a pot of food in a teepee.  There are many more teepees upside and he is in the camp of the Dust Boys.  He is Glenn Reese, manager of the dust boys.

Maverick is a blacksmith.  He looks down and he is shaping a buckle for a horse bridle.  A boy runs in and says Dad, everybody is saying that there was an explosion in the mine.  He is Roland Chambers, the blacksmith.

Lucille is pouring something, then takes a shot.  Then one more.  Then one more.  He invites people on the street into his hotel.  It is really a tent.  He is Robert Ford.

Magnus is sitting comfortably but realizes he doesn’t want to be the guy in charge.  He is playing poker and wins $200, but thinks about parking it in and heading to the bar.  He is Lawrence.

Our consciousness is fighting with their consciousness.  Thaddeus heads to the Triple Tap.  Roland/Maverick also heads to the bar.  Fossar touches herself then heads to the mine.  Magnus heads outside from his bar, but heads toward the mine.  Lucille walks outside, and feels that the dragon was trying to corrupt our souls, but Grey was sacrificed himself to save us and send us to another body.   She heads to the Tripe Tap as well.

Magnus and Fossar sees that the entrance to the mine is collapsed.  They  see people holding back the crowd.

Magnus and Fossar meet at the mine, and then decide to head to the  bar as well.  Jimmy finally wanders in after some pointless screwing around.

We decide to see if we can find the back entrance to the mine and get in to recover our original bodies.  First we hit the blacksmith shop to look into the cellar where Roland has some weird magic stuff.  We see that he has a hydraulic pump that can wash away the stuff in the mine.  We find a small ghost rock boiler.  Thaddeus also sees some bottles that can give off toxic caustic vapor pills.  Also some oxygen tablets that can be used to breathe under water.  There is also a salve that can heal, some rusting oil,,and some slippery oil.

We head to the mine and find the kid standing at the entrance.  He has Grey Owls spirit riding shotgun.  He leads us toward a different path, and we follow.