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Session 5 – Firitucci

Set is hiding in Nurugu’s body.

Antonio leaves and sends a telegram to the Vatican, asking for Trill’s former name. They respond almost immediately with “Firitucci”.

We go to the public records office near Battery Park. On the way, Antonio sees someone following us. He asks Jack to take a circuitous route. We see that it is a laundry truck.

Antonio asks us to find a newspaper stand. He trips on the way out of the car. The truck stops and a man gets out.

Antonio sits in the cab of the truck and sees that the guy in the passenger seat is awfully beefy. The guy goes after him but Antonio jams on the accelerator and shoots him twice in the chest. He runs another bad guy over and breaks his ankles. There are several more guys in the back of the truck.

Jack uses a spell to create spikes where the guy is holding on to the truck. He falls out with quarter-sized holes in his hands.

Shen likes the idea and casts a grease spell on the other guy. It causes an oil can to spill on him but he doesn’t fall.

Antonio cold cocks the guy he shot and he passes out. He steers the truck toward the river.

Shen takes off after the guy with holes in his hands and hits him in the knee with his stick, shattering it.

The oil-covered guy shoots at Antonio, wounding him. Antonio Legolas-surfs out of the car on top of the guy, getting damaged himself.

Jack uses a spell to set the oil on fire. We lug the two guys into the car and take off to the outskirts of town. The guys have flower petals on them. The big guy is in a coma and will probably die.

We interrogate the other guy. He says that they have his wife and child. The other guy is a mercenary. He was told to nab us, but not kill us. Shen uses a truth spell and the guy is being truthful. We drop the big guy in the river and head back to the city. We take the guy to the hospital.

We leave and Antonio is suddenly on fire. The petals are burning in his pocket. He gets rid of them.

We go home to clean up. At Jack’s house there is a package — the severed hand of the owner of the Italian Restaurant.

Session 4 – Per Ankh

We finish getting equipment and then Jack goes to purchase a gun at an island near the Bronx. He gets a Colt 1911.

We meet up with Antonio and share that we got a letter with PER-ANKH on it. Jack looks at it again and is able to track the Egyptian couple. They are in the temple.

We go to the temple and the couple is there. They welcome us, and say we were expected. The woman explains that the cult of Per-Ankh has been around for thousands of years. They need our help to get Set — the god of Chaos — to do his job. It is because he abandoned his post that this chaos is occurring. The work of Apep.

The woman tells Jack her name as a “price” for believing him.

The man warns of Nurugu, the god of chaos helping Apep. Beware of serpents and pale foxes.

Nurugu is looking for his sister, who is safe hiding with another god.

We must first seek the jewel where the sister is hiding. It is a cosmic egg. The Trill family had it last.

The woman gives us a magic piece of paper that we can use to contact her instantly at any time.

Session 3 – Ta Ambua

Antonio visits the address on the card and it is a brown brick building. He opens the front door and it opens to an outdoor scene. He goes to the back and there is none!

We all go inside. It is raining here and we are getting soaked. On the door handle it says SIMBA RAS. None of us can decipher it.

We see something in the distance. Shen recognizes it as a temple where the early sorcerers would go to the afterlife. It is a sandstone “lost city” with pillars, etc. TA AMBUA. The landscape is getting more sandy.

The big door at the front is shattered. There is a scorch mark. When Shen touches it, he feels the presence of the Devil.

We go down the stairs, and they go on forever. Jack scrapes the wall and sees that we are not really moving. We are clearly under a spell. Jack pushes the spell back and we get down to the ground.

We run into a lecturn made out of stone. Nearby there are twelve prayer mats. There is one sarcophagus here with one small male in prayer. There are etchings in the ground that go outside. We should watch this place and bring shovels next time.

Session 2 – Italian Restaurant

Shen goes to the newsstand, Jonathan Trill is listed among the victims of the accident.

We split up; Antonio goes to the library and Jack & Shen go to the carnival. Antonio is being followed.

The carnival is in the Bronx. There are 16×5 blocks with damage.

At an Italian restaurant, we meet a dangerous looking man and a woman with dark eyebrows with a scar on her left eye. They invite Shen to their cause, though he doesn’t understand what they want. They give him a card with an address.

There was purple and red lightning during the storm.

We find that the Trills were involved in Egyptian excavations.

They found the Trill Treasure in 1868, which is lost now. The weighted key to the treasures of Egypt.

An article on the subject was written by Randall Kelly.

We go to visit the address on the card.

Session 1- Upper West Side

Upper West Side of New York City, June of 1922. There was a terrible carnival accident. One of the victims is a blond young man. We learn that there may be a clue at the mausoleum of a man named Jonathan Trill.

We go to the cemetery and we see an evil looking man — satan?? Jack’s eyes bleed and Shen’s ears bleed. He says “thank you” to Shen.