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Session 5 – Spiders

We get further into the affected area and see abandoned areas. Finally we see a large room with lots of webs and radioactive barrels. They seem to have a company name on them — we snap a photo.

Moving along we come to a small body of water. A behemoth, a hippo-like creature, emerges and attacks us. We shoot at it with little effect but two well-placed manabolts by Skaale bring him down.

Alamos 20k, a humanis policlub seems to be behind the radioactive waste.

Session 3 – Gear Up

We gear up for the run, buying radiation suits and guns that we won’t mind getting rid of after we complete the mission, since the rads will likely affect anything we bring with us.

Session 2 – Goodwill Run

There have been more strange occurrences and we try and figure out what has been going on. We ask Smoke Jaguar who we should talk to and he sets up a meeting with the “underground.”

Jack tries to meet with a city alderman. He says that they have encountered radiation in certain spots and it may have caused things to mutate. He says that if we can manage an investigation and removal, he will pay us 10k nuyen. We feel that although the payday is very light, none of us are hurting for cash and it will be a decent goodwill run.

Session 1 – Deep Tunnel

In the Milwaukee Deep Tunnel, we come across Longbarrel and KidVid being attacked by hellhounds. We help them out and decide that we should find out more, but don’t want to take them back to the warehouse, so we take them to Jack’s office. We ask them who they are — KidVid says that he worked for Fuchi and was betrayed by the corp. Longbarrel is an ex-marine sniper. We ask them to join the group.