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Session 21 – Under Siege

Westmore tries to recap what has happened in the past few years. Gao Fang, Emperor of China, has invaded Pearl Harbor with a flight of dragons, and annexed Japan. They have formed a “Pact of Steel” with Italy and Germany, which has taken over Russia.  The allies against them are America, Canada, Great Britain and Romania (which is lead by a vampire).  Stalin was killed but has been brought back as a Frankenstein-like monster.

We do not have any mystical forces or artifacts on our side, unfortunately, but we do know that the Spear of Destiny is in the Vatican.  The Vatican, along with the rest of Italy, is in the “Pact of Steel”, but the Catholics have been unwilling to share the actual Spear.

Britain is under constant aerial assault. The Chinese are using dragons and mystical solders to fight.

While we figure out what to do, Goodwin creates a spark pistol.  The rest of us arm up with flak jackets, Tommy guns, and

We decide to speak with the Atlanteans about the situation. We bring them up to speed with the history of the world and the status of the war.


Session 20 – Jormungundar

We take the raft toward the Viking battleground. On the way Tom senses that we might be being watched by something, but nothing appears.

Thinking about what motivate the vikings to help us defeat the guardian of the volcano, Slate mentions that in Norse mythology there is a giant serpent, Jormungundar, who is Thor’s arch-enemy. Thor defeated him and walked 10 steps before dying himself, from the serpent’s venom. If we mention that this is the world-serpent, they may help us in our effort to kill the beast.

We come to the battleground and see weapons, armor and skeletons lying about. Slate notices a huge skeleton sticking out of the ground, it looks like a large serpent or dinosaur.

Gabriel finds armor, a helmet and two maces in the rubble and starts to descend into the crater. As he does this, some of the spectral viking warriors start swirling towards him. The giants, ogres and trolls do not seem to care about him. He sees something towards the center of the crater and climbs over the rubble to get it.

Finally getting to the bottom, he sees that the shiny object is a weapon — a hammer. He tries as hard as he can, but can’t lift it. Slate thinks that this may be Thor’s hammer, and it’s possible that we may not be able to lift it because according to myth, only Thor could do so.

We all head down into the crater to check it out. Whitmore reads the runes on the hammer and it indeed says “Mjolnir”, which is the name of Thor’s hammer. Whitmore is able to translate to the Vikings. We ask them for their help in defeating Jormungundar, but they say that he has already been defeated. We attempt to explain that we have all been trapped here and they think that this is in fact Valhalla, so are disinclined to try and leave.

Whitmore suggests that we try and talk to the spectral Thor, who is very prideful — we may be able to exploit his character flaw. He coaches Gabriel, who then approaches Thor and says that he is a weak fool (in Norse).

Thor hurls the hammer at his head and Gabriel narrowly dodges. Thor asks him why he thinks he is so easily defeated, and Gabriel says that if he had a hammer like Thor’s he could defeat him. Thor obliges, gesturing, and the physical hammer floats towards Gabriel and he finds that he can lift and use it. He moves to attack Thor, and they fight it out for several moments. Gabriel strikes and actually knocks Thor off of his feet. He starts pounding on Thor as he is flat on his back, and Thor pushes him off with little effort. He asks how he was defeated by a mere mortal.

We change the subject and ask him if he will help us defeat the fire serpent to free us from here. He agrees, but he says that the Atlanteans must help us in our task so we will all fight for our freedom. He gives Gabriel a less powerful version of his hammer to use in the battle. We go to the Atlantean city and talk to them, and they decide to join us. We all journey to the volcano and ascend to a cave, and sure enough we find the lair of a giant red tyranosaur and some of his dinosaur friends. His eyes glow as if they are on fire.

Goodwin hits the T-rex severely with his flying machete, and then Slate and Whitmore take shots with their firearms unsuccessfully. Gabriel flings his hammer at him and slams him for more damage. After quite a long battle, Gabriel slams him with the hammer and a jet of flame courses out of it, narrowly missing him. There is a white light and everything disappears.

We wake up on a beach, and we see pillars like we saw when we first arrived to Atlantis. We also see our zeppelin in the distance. Professor Westmore is waiting near the zeppelin and he has food for us.

The cat people and Atlanteans are here. The Norsemen are here, but they are being picked up by valkyries and carried away. The t-rex that we defeated is here, dead, but we hear other dinosaurs in the distance.

Westmore tells us that we have been gone a while, and he heard that an island popped up in the middle of nowhere so he thought that he would check it out. He shows us a newspaper and it says May, 1944…which is 8 years after we left! There is a war in Europe, and it is not going well for the Allies. He suggests that we discuss what to do.

Session 19 – Wrath of the Juice Monkey

We start building the raft, and Goodwin builds a headgear device for Gabriel so that it is difficult to mind control him. We cast off and only a few minutes or so later we arrive.

As we approach we see that the island goes up a hill and we see a city in the distance. We come up and suddenly see several velociraptors approaching, and they attack. After a moment, though, we hear a roaring sound coming from the woods behind them and one is tossed out toward us. A huge ape comes from the bushes and is thrashing around. He seems to be attacking just the raptors, and is covered with dirt, wires and test tubes.

After the raptors have been taken care of, the gorilla attacks Gabriel. We all pile on him and take him down. Slate gives him a couple of shotgun blasts and he falls. He has some tech that Goodwin takes for future use.

We head further up the hill and it looks like the gorilla had taken out dozens of them in a path of destruction.

Soon the land drops away and we see ahead of us the city, all made of stone buildings. Some strange energies are at work to light things up. Strange alien-looking creatures are walking around here, some with high-tech sticks that look like weapons, and holsters with small guns. There is a stockade with some cat-creatures and an arena for combat. The technology and architecture seems to be making use of orichalcum.

When they see us, they lower their sticks at us. Goodwin speaks in Latin and tells them that we found their gorilla. They say that the gorilla was theirs and they sent it after the velociraptors. They ask him what we are doing here and he says that we arrived here out of our time and we are trying to figure out what is going on. They will not let us into the city gates.

The guards fetch an older man named The Seer and he asks about us. Goodwin asks him if they are aware of any of the ancient cultures, and if they know of Gao Fang. The Seer says that Gao Fang predates even them, he is an old evil. He is one of the beings who are trying to control the whole world, and is systematically getting rid of any threats, the Atlanteans being one and the lizards and tiger-men another.

The Seer says that they have a theory of how to leave, but they cannot do it themselves. They believe that the nucleus of the dimension is inside the volcano, but they cannot destroy the creature that is inside. There is a large lizard creature, bright red, who guards it and has his own minions as well.

He also describes the viking ghosts, fighting an unending war to the north, and asks about them. Goodwin says that they are also from our history, about a thousand years before us, and they are from the north part of Europe. The Seer asks if we might be able to sway them over to our cause. We think that if we defeat their enemies, the giants, they might be looking to fight someone else. We ask to take some of the Atlantean weapons with us to see if they can damage the ghostly giants.

Session 18 – Land of the Lost

We check the area to which we’ve awoken and find that our former compatriot Clayton Whitmore is also here, and he is with someone we haven’t met before, a man in an iron suit who introduces himself as Howard.

We start looking around and find that this is a jungle setting with a large lake, huge cliffs that go up into the clouds and a smoking volcano in the distance. We go walking for quite a while and realize that the sun hasn’t moved, and there are no birds or other small animals here. There are strange tracks that look like large cat feet as well. We see a pterodactyl fly above us. There is an island off in the distance. This place seems unnatural.

After walking for what seems like a whole day, the sun hasn’t changed position and we decide that it’s time to rest. We set up camp and Tom volunteers for the first watch. After a short while we are approached by a cat creature with a spear. Howard uses his suit to punch the cat and takes him out. On him we find some bits of metal that Goodwin recognizes as orichalcum, a rare metal with magical properties.

We discuss and eventually surmise that this must be a pocket universe consisting of all the “lost” things from our world, which explains the eclectic mix of animals and terrain. We realize that the cliffs surround us on all sides and this is a fairly small area.

We make our way toward one of the small cat-people villages, and they let us in but ask for our weapons. We are shown to their leader, a tiger-looking man named Chaakkra. He asks us where we came from and we describe Gao Fang and tell of how we were transported here. Chaakkra says that his people were removed from their home many thousand years ago, from what they can tell. They have not aged in the time that they have been put here.

He says that they do not go to the rock fields to the north; strange pale-skinned fair-haired spirits / bad magic are there, and they look human. They war with strange hairless creatures there. Also there are more people, who also have magic, who previously enslaved the cat-people who live on the island near here.

We head out and begin work on building a raft to visit the island.

Session 17 – On the Waterfront

We decide to team up with Ran Goon and go to take out Gao Fang at one of his waterfront warehouses. Initially we think about putting explosives under one of the docks but opt for infiltration. We cut through the fence and climb through, but then we see that most of the workers here are dead.

We head into the warehouse and find a ton of guys here. Gabriel jumps through the window, ripping it from its frame. Ran follows and leaps to a nearby crate, and uses his staff to crack a ninja in the face. Ahead we see Gao Fang!

Gabe throws the window at Gao Fang’s face which proves ineffectual. After a battle, Gabe, Ran and Goodwin take out all of the ninjas and gangsters here, but Gao Fang manages to take over Ran’s mind then casts 3 green skulls at Gabe.

Before he can be defeated, Gao Fang holds aloft the two ruby eyes (ours was obviously a fake!) and there is a blinding white light.

An undetermined amount of time later, we awake with the sweet taste of grass in our mouths. We have been transported somewhere strange and deserted.

Session 16 – Shanghaid

At the Dragon of the Black Pool Restaurant, Egg Foo Chow tells us that Lao Che runs a shipping business at the docks of Shanghai. The contact that can help us with more information is named Ran Goon; he can be found in a bar near the docks.

We depart, taking the zeppelin from San Francisco through to Hawaii, Japan and then finally Shanghai. On the trip, Goodwin works in the lab for most of the time; Gabriel sleeps; Slate reads.

The group’s pilot, Tom “Tailspin” Kennedy, tells us a bit about his history and his plane that we previously didn’t know. He was a pilot in World War I, and was shot down over Germany. He was held prisoner in a hole for several months, but eventually was able to break out and stole a plane, flying himself to safety. The plane was an experimental aircraft that had several enhancements, one of which was night vision. This is the plane that Tom still has and is attached to the zeppelin.

When we are within hours of Shanghai, suddenly several planes fly by us. Slate and Gabriel run to man the ship’s guns, and Tom launches off in his plane to fight them off. Goodwin uses a gadget he created, the Fantasmic Pulser, to create an obfuscating cloud around one of the planes. The pilot, blinded, loses control and crashes his plane. We shoot down the other two planes, and Tom notices that the planes have the upside-down pyramid symbol on them.

We land and look for the bar that Ran Goon frequents. After a while of searching and unsuccessful attempts at talking with the local folk, we see several people being tossed out of the front door of a nearby bar. They are all nursing their wounds on the sidewalk. The guy who manhandled them saunters back in the bar, laughing; he is a short, stocky man with a red face and permanent grin. He looks just like the photo we have of our contact.

We walk in and find him back at the bar, drinking. We ask if he is Ran Goon, and he says that he is; apparently he speaks English. Gabriel immediately challenges him to a fight, and he laughs and agrees. Goodwin, who speaks Mandarin, tells Gabriel how to insult him properly in his own language. Slate tells Ran that if he beats Gabriel, he will drink for free for the rest of the night.

Gabriel takes the first shot and knocks Ran down hard. He gets back up but misses Gabriel badly, smashing through a table and falls down. Gabriel picks him up by the scruff of his clothes, and Ran doesn’t seem to be fighting any longer. Goodwin notices that he might have some internal bleeding.

Slate tells Gabriel that we need to take him back to the zeppelin. Goodwin uses his medical machine on him; after a moment he is healed and is sober, which is very disorienting to him. We begin asking him about Lao Che, and he explains that he runs an import/export business which is legit, but he also runs opium. Ran also knows the layout of Lao’s facility. He has been doing work for Egg Foo Shen who will send him money to do miscellaneous tasks, and after he does them he blows all of it on liquor.

Lao has two docks on the water, and two gates that are large enough for trucks. The warehouse has a high fence, and a two-story office building attached. There is a secondary warehouse and a crane for loading cargo onto his ships. He also owns a hangar at the airport.

We ask Ran about the upside down yellow triangle symbol, but he is not aware of any group with the symbol.

Session 15 – The Iron Sentinel

We examine the portal. Ducard determines that “Shang Di” means “God Above” or something similar. Belief in this type of god was succeeded by Taoism and then Buddhism. Goodwin sees that there are writings on the spines that surround the portal. Ducard remembers that the believers of Shang Di had evildoers struck down and then had all their crimes written on their spines. We find references to Gao Fang here as well, which means that he was alive in 1000 BC.

Goodwin notices that the ring with the spines on it moves slightly when leaning against it. Gabriel and Maiura push to try and get it open. As they are doing this, the others notice huge, slimy tentacles coming out of the water to try and grab us. Maiura narrowly escapes one of the tentacles and Slate jumps through the portal. After a few moments they are able to crank the portal open entirely and the others slip away. Slate disables another of its tentacles with a shot from his pistol and the others slip through the portal.

The group walks down a set of green stone stairs and comes to a small chamber. Here there is a metal “guard” holding a sword and a gigantic gemstone on a pedestal and a stairwell behind it. Goodwin quickly creates a smoke cloud around the sentinel to try and blind it. Gabriel grapples with it to try and keep it from attacking. Slate and Maiura run to grab the ruby and escape down the back stairs. Gabriel strikes the sentinel with his lead pipe and destroys it.

Goodwin helps Gabriel extricate the sentinel’s huge sword from his metal hand. The others look around the area and see tapestries depicting a man in a specific cloak conferring with emperors and demons. The demon seems to be bowing his head to him.  The inscription underneath the tapestries reads “Gold is for the mistress, silver for the maid. Copper for craftsman, cunning at his trade. Good, said the sorcerer, sitting in his hall, but iron, cold iron, is the master of them all.”  We find nothing further, but Goodwin and Ducard take some of the tapestries.

We escape through the back stairs to the next floor and find a locked door. Finding no key, we go up one more flight. There is a locked wooden door here, which Gabriel kicks open. There are people milling about here who stare at us. We rush through and get out into a garage area. We see a truck in here and also guys in black jumpsuits. They start firing on us with automatic weapons and we fight back. After a few moments they are down but we have taken a good amount of damage.

The group decides to load up the truck with the weapons we have gotten and hotwire it to make a getaway. We drive back to the Dragon of the Black Pool. Egg Foo Chow is cleaning up the kitchen. The sun is just starting to rise so we spent the entire night in the sewer.  He greets us and asks if we recovered the Eye. We show him.

We decide that we should leave rather than stay in Chinatown. He shows us a telegram from Professor Bai Li. He asks us to find the second Ruby Eye. It is in the possession of Lao Che in Shanghai.

Session 14 – Chinatown Throwdown

The fight goes quickly in our favor and the last enemy standing drops his knives and gives up. Slate demands that he take us to the Dragon of the Black Pool restaurant. He agrees with little persuasion.

The Chinaman takes us down several alleyways and finally comes to the restaurant. He asks if he can be let go now, and Slate says that he must lead us into the restaurant on pain of lead poisoning. We go in and there are only a few tables. As we walk in, a short old Chinese man runs out of the kitchen and yells to everyone to get down. We take cover and Slate pulls his pistol. There is a loud explosion from the kitchen that blows the windows out of the kitchen.

The man, who introduces himself as Egg Foo Chow, asks us if we want some tea. We agree and tell him that we were sent by Dr. Li and are looking for the Ruby Eye. The man reveals that the ruby eye is probably in Gao Fang’s personal vault at Golden Triangle Exports. Gao Fang employs petty enforcers around here, including the man we brought in with us. (He is unconscious as he didn’t duck when the explosion happened.)

He warns against going in the front door, as they have very high security. He is aware of tunnels under the city that could possibly get us into the building undetected. He says that we should wait until evening, and before then he will get us food. We agree and thank him for his assistance and hospitality.

After dinner we head out and he leads us through the streets to a nearby alley. He lifts a grate and motions for us to descend. He gives a small totem made of wood to Goodwin and tells him that it will protect him. As Goodwin takes a look at the totem, the wall behind us erupts in automatic gunfire. Egg brings out a flask from his jacket and tells us to get into the tunnels, and he will fend them off.

We look around and see that these are roughly hewn tunnels with some water running through them. It smells badly. The rocks we are walking on are very slimy and slippery. We try to find our way but Maiura can’t seem to get her bearings down here. Soon we hear a hissing sound, like a snake. Soon we hear laughing as well.

Humanoid figures jump out of the water; they are nearly naked and very skinny and gaunt. Their limbs are stiff and they have they have sharp claws and teeth. Ducard recognizes these as the “Hopping Vampires,” or Xixiegui. He also realizes that they do not like the totem that Goodwin carries, which must have attracted them. A battle begins. During the fray, Maiura falls into the water. Luckily she is an excellent swimmer. The vampires are soon defeated and Maiura is able to climb out.

After Goodwin heals Maiura, she tries to orient us which takes about an hour. The river breaks off into a tributary and goes 1/4 of a mile. We see two flames in the distance. The water stops at a large pool. Above this is a huge circular portal made out of green stone with Mandarin writings on it. We wipe the scum off of it and read the inscription: “Shang Di to life, life to death, death to Shang Di. Heaven holds the beginning and the end for the faithful. Pass as the wicked into the vault of ghosts.” Around the portal we see strung burnt human spine bones.

Session 13 – Black Zeppelin

We return to Germany and find that the zeppelin is ready for us. We are able to get the zeppelin. The zeppelin has six staterooms and a hook for Tailspin to attach his plane to. It has five laboratories of luxury quality on board. Also a searchlight. The labs are an engineering lab, a med bay, a research library, forensics lab, and a machine shop. We decide to use one of the staterooms for an armory, leaving five. We plan to make this a hidden door with a booby trap.

Westmore contacts us via telegram and lets us know that we must meet with an associate of his in New York City, who has discovered something of interest. He is very vague about what he has found. We must meet him one week from now at midnight on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

With the zeppelin able to travel at 40 miles per hour, it will take us about 4 days to make the 3500 mile trip back to New York. On the way we stop in Great Britain to pick up Tailspin’s plane. During the trip Goodwin modifies Slate’s pistol to give it some extra kick.

Westmore’s associate, Dr. Bai Li, contacts us and lets us that know that we will need to dock the airship at a field since we will be coming into town a few days early. We dock at an airfield and head into the city.

While here, Goodwin attempts to stock the med-bay with medication and other drugs. He spends about $500, making the med-bay fully stocked. For the armory we put in the two MG-42s and the MP-40s.

Westmore has us staying in a brownstone on the upper-east side of Manhattan, with a car for transportation. It is winter, so we don’t spend much time outside.

One of the evenings, Westmore explains to us (since he feels he can trust us) that he was appointed to his position by the President of the United States. The endeavor that we are a part of is actually a government-sponsored initiative. He himself was appointed by Coolidge, but there was a leader of the group before him, appointed by Teddy Roosevelt. The order has actually existed for many many years; it can be traced back to the middle-ages. They call themselves the Illuminati and Teddy Roosevelt officially funded the organization as a measure against other forces. There are pockets of the organization all over the globe. Other governments, including Great Britain, also give funds to the organization. Doctor Bai Li is the head of the New York front for the organization.

On the day of our meeting we go to the Hoffmann Institute for the Enhancement of Man. This is a research arm of Westmore’s company. We go to the observation deck and meet Dr. Li. It is very dark here, and a couple of us notice that a figure is slumped over about 20 feet from the elevator. Goodwin rushes to him and sees that he is unconscious. Slate pulls his pistol and looks around.

We see above us a jet black zeppelin that is running very quietly, apparently outfitted for “stealth.” Two grenades clatter on the ground towards us. Tailspin manages to grab the first one and toss it off the building; Maiura grabs the second one and tosses it off. Slate and Tailspin notice black-clad figures crashing through the windows nearby and moving to attack us. Slate shoots at the one near him and takes him out.

The grenades explode and appear to have been smoke bombs. We manage to take out two more, but the third one throws a flash-bang of some sort and escapes by jumping off of the building. Attempts to chase after him are deterred by automatic fire from the zeppelin. It escapes even though a couple of us take shots at it.

We search the “ninjas” and find three smoke bombs and nine shuriken among them. They all have the same symbol as the zeppelin, a golden upside down triangle, on their outfits. As we are doing this Dr. Li wakes up, rubbing his head. We take him inside the building as not to expose ourselves further.

He tells us that he has learned of the whereabouts of two items that the company is interested in locating. They are called the Ruby Eyes of the Loman Tiger, two rubies the size of a man’s fist each. They have power over time, allowing to see in the past and the future, but only when they are brought together. Currently one is in Shanghai, and the other is in San Francisco and is in the posession of a man named Gao Fang, a Chinese man who is some kind of sorcerer and an ally to Hitler. It would be very dangerous for him to have both of the eyes. Li is not sure where the man is in San Francisco, however. We will go to the Dragon of the Black Pool restaurant and meet a man named Egg Foo Chow, whom Li has not met. There is a train leaving at 9am that will take us there, although the group would like to take the zeppelin it seems. It will take us 72 hours by zeppelin.

At the airport in San Francisco, we drop off the zeppelin and take a trolley to our destination, which is Chinatown. Since we don’t know where the restaurant is, we just get dropped off nearby since the streets are too narrow. We notice that the cab drive may be lying. He says that the Tongs are getting ornery and now most “decent” people don’t venture into Chinatown. There are lots of fights breaking out in the streets.

We get out and start walking towards Chinatown. People ignore us as we are walking down the street, except a young boy who offers to help us find our destination. We give him a few dollars and he takes us through an alley where he disappears through a hole. We realize this is a dead end and we hear the sounds of knives and chains behind us.

Session 12 – A Train to Catch

We have given the Germans over to the Bedouins, and now must decide how to intercept Mousellini’s double on his way from Ethiopia to Alexandria in Egypt. The train itself is a rolling tank, with huge guns on either end and is otherwise heavily defended. We decide that we must attack the train before it reaches its destination, perhaps intercepting it and destroying the tracks or setting charges on one of the bridges that span the Nile River to destroy the train.

In speaking to the Bedouins, they will be able to supply us with some explosives. We visit them and secure the explosives as well as the detonating materials and some additional ammo and other gear.

We take off in the German plane we stole and find the train. Heading further north we find a suitable bridge that is made out of wood, so it will be destroyed much easier than a metal one. Maiura attempts to climb down and plant the explosives but takes a nasty fall. She is apparently unhurt, however, and is able to set the explosives. Clayton is successful in setting the other explosives as well.

We hide and wait for the train. Maiura moves a distance away and takes Ducard’s pocket mirror to signal us when the train is in sight. Finally after a few hours she signals us. The bridge is blown out just as the train is about to reach it, and we immediately hear the squeal of the brakes. The train plunges through the bridge and the front few cars go into the water, destroying the rest of the bridge supports as it does. The first third of the bridge collapses completely.

The train’s boiler explodes and we hear the ammo stores go up. The second-to-last car opens up and men start piling out. We begin firing on them. After a few moments we dispatch all of them.

We move up to the open train car’s door and knock, Clayton speaking in Italian asking to be let in. The ruse doesn’t work, however, and more men come out, guns blazing. We take them out as well and attempt to move inside, but Maiura is immediately shot at.

Clayton has an idea — he gets Ducard to bring the mounted gun to the train so he can shoot into the door. The plan turns sour when a grenade is tossed out towards us and Gabriel decides to jump on top of it. Luckily he is not badly hurt and is able to get up.

Ducard has a bead on the men inside the train through the door, and briefly sees Mousellini’s double. He takes the shot but the bullets don’t seem to reach him. This must be part of the ability he has with the “Spear of Destiny” he carries. Slate comes up behind him and gets a bead on the double with his revolver. After a couple of shots it is clear that he can’t be hurt very readily.

The group finally is able to rush the train car and takes out the double. In one of the bedrooms we find out two scientists, and they give up. We take them into custody.

In an hour’s time, Westmore and his assistants show up. In that time we have searched the train and have found the staff that the double reportedly had. We inform Westmore that this is not the real Mousellini, but a double, and we show him the staff. He gives it to his assistant, a man named Joseph Kennedy.

Over the next couple of weeks we don’t hear any news about the incident, but we do hear that he has taken ill. In a month or so we start hearing his name in the news again and surmise that they have created another double.