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Session 31 – Galactic Metals

We learn of an anti-corp group on Callisto, possibly targeting the Galactic Metals corp in specific. Coming from Ganymede, we go to Callisto to meet Aparna.

After getting off the ship we first go to a local parts shop that Raptor knows of.

Session 30 – OC Prime

We see server racks and storage cases, as well as the corpse drawer. The hacker has loaded the data we need on one of the drives. Cam starts to download it. Eve and Raptor stand guard.

No more robots appear. We finish the download and head out the back emergency exit. We ascend 13 stories to the main spaceport level.

We see a security guard ahead of us and he motions for us to get down. We see the signs in the area are all static and some of them are showing cartoons. Suddenly a hail of gunfire comes toward the guards and they return fire. It sounds like sentry guns — is this the AI controlling everything?

Cam tries to message the AI but does not hear back. We try to sneak away amid the fighting. Raptor jetpacks away and Eve does some acrobatics. Cam gets grazed by autofire.

We seem to have reached relative safety. There are security guard, and they escort us to the landing zone, apologizing for the inconvenience. We hurry to the ship.

As we arrive, they tell us that the ship has already left port. In fact Eve, by video, asked for permission to leave. We assume Canti is still on board, but he does not reply. Cam hacks in to the main (inactive) system and sees the ship is outbound at full burn towards Pallas. Next he hacks in to the cameras and sees Canti trying to hack into the system.

Cam tries to get into the engine settings but realizes that may be too overt. He lets Canti know by direct message to switch the hard line in 5 minutes. Cam then locks out all other users.

Eve contacts a taxi so we can get to the ship once it has stopped. Canti switches over the system and Cam gains control. He checks the system and it seems ok, then slows the ship so we can catch up. We will get there in 10 minutes.

We catch up and Cam logs in to the full VR. He sees that the backup is trying to get into the main system. He tells Canti to cut the power on the secondary. It shuts off and everything seems okay all of a sudden.

We dock with the ship and Canti says that he was just sitting there and the ship took off by itself. He was in cyber combat with whoever was controlling it when Cam contacted him. The combatant was an anime-like energy being chick.

We redirect to Ceres to lie low for a while. Eve contacts Yusuf to visit from Luna and help us. Cam tries to pick through the data of the break in and sees that it was an extremely complex AI.

Yusuf arrives and looks at the data we lifted. The whole planet-killer virus was apparently a ruse. The program would never work, it is just a bunch of bullshit. Yusuf looks at the logs of the break-in. He says it seems like a person’s hand and couldn’t possibly be an AI. He asks to see the core data. Cam lets him even though it might be dangerous.

We search the whole ship for intruders and find nothing except one of the tower relay droids downloaded and then uploaded a huge amount of data to the ship. This likely happened on Hektor.

Yusuf says that the AI is extremely close to human, as if the hacking programs had been installed directly into brain cells. We should wipe everything just to be sure. On the logs he sees a set of signature bytes — it was Overclock?!

We decide to load up the AI on a standalone terminal with no wireless access. She says that her name is OC Prime. ZilchCorp activated the AI at their facility after Overclock died. She tried to get away using our ship. We turn her off and decide what to do.

We recall that the job with Overclock was fixed by Bengal. WE have Raptor call him but someone named “Scooter” answers. He says Bengal was hauling precious metals and was jumped by some punks and was killed. Scooter is trying to take over his remaining business. Raptor says that he will never be successful using a name like “Scooter.” Scooter hangs up on him. Raptor adds Scooter to “the list.”

We boot up the AI again and ask her if the lured us to Hektor. She admits that she did. Eve says in exchange for finding info on Artemis we will set her free. We will even give her access to a computer in the drifts (near the manufacturing company we infiltrated) as a safe haven for her code if she needs to hide out.

She agrees to our terms. We decide to put her on a server on Mars and set up a spot on a private message board for her to leave messages for us to let us know of her progress.

We wipe the ship’s core with the AI. Yusuf creates a custom firewall so she can’t get on the ship again.

We head to the the drifts and separate the factory from the local receiving node, so OC Prime can’t take advantage of the factory’s resources while she si there. We create a lead box so she can’t access anything else. Raptor rigs C-4 to the room and gives Eve the remote detonator.

We move to the next mission.

Session 29 – OC Prime

First we stop by the Moon and hook up with Yusuf. He digs up some info on the armored guy who attacked us. He is a mercenary who resurfaces every 10 years or so, named the Avenging Angel. Most likely the armor is passed down from person to person as the Angel has been around for more than 90 years.

We visit Venus and then move on to Hektor. En route we purchase new SINs and gun registrations. We also switch the ship’s computer over to the secondary system so we may not be recognized or traced. There is a lengthy docking process for us to get on to Hektor.

We drop off the legit merchandise and then head toward Vayard to contact the hacker AI via its IP address. Apparently this hacker was caught up in shady business developing one piece of the planet-scale technology virus, and is now trapped in Vayard’s system, undetected. She can take the company’s network and security system off of Hektor’s grid for 20-30 minutes so we can get in and take the data for the planet-killer. From what we understand they are still 6 months away from going live with the program.

We go to a coffee shop to message OC Prime. We check the area for tails and wait 30 minutes before starting. Cam pings the address and gets a response saying “Am at Vayard in Section 22, two floors from the loading dock. Give signal. Will give you schematics once you are inside.”

We go to Vayard via cab (Raptor in his armor and wearing a jetpack). Section 22 is an office space with many businesses. They are currently open. There are scientists and corporate business people inside. We ping OC Prime to let her know that we’ve arrived and move in past the robo receptionist. Cam gets a schematic of the building and we start moving towards the goal. A guard stops us, unsheathing his snap blades, and Eve takes him. Raptor grabs him and fires up his jetpack, slamming the guard against the wall and instantly turning him into chunky salsa. (Raptor does 33p damage to him, taking 2 boxes of damage himself.)

Eve and Cam run after Raptor. Cam gets a message from the AI that the auto defenses have been activated. Security droids come out and start coming towards us. We need to get to the door. Eve uses a maglock strip to get in. Cam hacks in to one of the robots to get it to stop. Raptor flies at another one with his jetpack and rams into it. The last robot turns and leaves the building quickly, we are not sure why.

Breaching the room, we move in and see server racks with a coffin-sized and shaped steel case.

Session 28 – OC Prime

We decide on what mission to do next, since it is the end of January. We have a data pickup on Hektor from a hacker friend of Canti’s. Stitch tells us that Hektor has very high security. The contact’s name is Sarah. We will need some legit cargo.

OC Prime is the name of the hacker, but it is not a person; it is an AI. From what we know the AI is a backup of a hacker’s brain that activated when the hacker died.

Eve searches out a legitimate job that would take us to Hektor. One of Stitch’s contacts hooks us up with a job, Fess Higgins. We will be picking up a shipment from Vanlo Biotech on Venus (San Marcos) and dropping it of on Hektor.

Session 27 – Nanke

While discussing our options regarding the Nanke situation, we notice that there is currently a protest going on in front of the corporate building. Raptor suggests that we use this to our advantage and incite the crowd to riot, letting us get in to either extract or kill Garignak. We work our way into the crowd and Eve starts yelling and Man-Bot comes into the crowd firing. The crowd breaks into the front door of the building and we follow them in.

Meanwhle Cam and Canti attempt to hack into the system and get a higher level of account access. After a few minutes we are able to get in and deactivate the sentry guns and open the security doors. Cam sees that labs “C” and “E” have containment large enough for a person. The group heads towards lab “E” and the hackers get the door open.

A scientist comes in behind the group and asks what they are doing there, but Eve uses the stun gun on him to bring him down. They release Garignak from his cell and decide to free him. Raptor explains that he came here to get revenge on him but now that he sees him he pities him. The group then escapes; Cam encrypts the door controls so it cannot be locked again. Garignak starts trashing the place and the group quickly gets out of the building. Cam enables the maglocks on all of the exterior doors and then reboots the security system to further cripple them.

Once we go to pick up the group they notice an object attached to the hull, which appears mechanical. Upon getting closer they see that it is a person in heavy armor. Suddenly the armor turns bright white and crystalline wings appear. Attempts to hack into the person’s armor prove unsuccessful. Rex checks the person in astral and they appear to be extremely bright, but an odd color.

The stranger comes down to the ground and Cam starts the shuttle up to escape. Canti sends his drones out to attack the figure and the others shoot and fire magic spells at him. Cam quickly does a search to find out what technology could be creating the wings, and he sees that it is an older but extremely expensive technology. Most likely it is someone from the Artemis Guild.

The group continues to fire on him and Raptor goes down after being sprayed with a flammable liquid. Rex hits him with several spells but he does not seem fazed. The man then turns towards the ship and shoots the flammable liquid inside the ship. Cam pulls the ship up and the man disappears.

Session 26 – Nanke

We head to Mars and try to find the corporation that bought Garignak, which is called Nanke. Cam is able to hack in and take a look around their system. They are a smallish genetic tech & research lab. There are a lot of stories on the web about protestors for their activities in animal testing and such. Cam sees that they have several active projects.

[log censored by moderator]

Session 25 – The Drifts

We enter the ship, bringing the two girls with us. The other ship has already fled and has a good head start on us. We start things up and begin after them, but decide that they are too far away to follow. We concentrate our efforts on trying to find their shuttle that they landed in so we can figure out more about them. Cam does a sensor sweep but doesn’t find much. We decide to do a much more extensive search and we find a ship buried in the snow about a mile away.

We start digging it out and Canti finds that it is online. He tries to hack it but sees that there is no firmware or anything, so the door cannot even be opened. Raptor sets a charge and blasts open the ship, we climb inside and start searching around for clues to where they came from. We only find a few shell casings and some used food wrappers, so we head back.

We take both ships, Cam flying their ship, and return the girls to Earth. There is a tearful reunion and we get our reward. There are jetpacks for Raptor to choose from and also some flying drones. Stitch gets a stealth glider.

Taking some downtime, Cam and Canti contact Yusuf to purchase some hacking programs. Meanwhile Stitch starts asking around on information on the Artemis Guild people. Cam and Canti also get bioware installed.

We then venture to Callisto and pick up all of the weapons and other equipment that we had on order from the group’s armorer.

Next we head to Mercury and Raptor goes back to the fighting pit to look for Garignak. He asks around and no one has seen him for several months. Raptor goes up to the offices of the place and asks to see Lou, but the security force will not let him in, and then attack him. Raptor manages to lay one out (with the help of Eve’s tranq darts) and a voice comes over the PA and says that he can come in. He gives Raptor a lead as to where Garignak might be and Raptor takes off, warning the other security guy not to mess with him.

We go to an apartment building from the lead and hit the intercom to the room, an old man answers and we offer him 5k to come down and speak with us. He says that Garignak was bought by a biotech company on Mars…!

Session 24 – The Drifts

The visitor seems to be checking out the front door to look for a way in. We decide to let Raptor try and take him from behind, since he is still in the ship, but it will take him almost 45 minutes to make it there. In the meantime we fortify the inside of the entryway with robots and C-12, and Stitch takes up a sniper position. He seems to be talking with himself; Canti tries to tap in to his wireless signal but can’t seem to get anything. Rex tries to check him out in astral and there is similarly nothing there, but something seems wrong.

Raptor finally makes it to the corridor but there is nothing there. We think that someone might be hacking our system, so Canti checks it but can’t find anything. Suddenly an explosion rocks the front corridor and starts collapsing the tunnel. Raptor quickly comes inside and we shut the door behind him. More explosions occur outside the loading bays, which essentially seals the base and us inside.

Canti does a sensor sweep with the ship and finds that there is a reading just inside sensor range. They seem to be hacking our ship as well. As we are trying to organize, we call on Master Exploder (another employee who is a demolitions expert) to come to the loading bays. The Foreman notifies us that the robots in that area are not responding, so the enemy might be trying to come in that way. We come into the loading bay and are attacked by our own security drones.

After a protracted combat Canti is finally able to disable the attacking drones and instruct the diggers to get us out. In the meantime Cam talks with the two girls and asks them if they know of people like this, and they deny any knowledge of these people. Rex checks out the enemy astrally and is pursued back to the base so quickly goes back to his body.

Finally the diggers reach the surface and we all walk out. As we exit, Eve and Raptor lay covering fire while the rest of us make a run for it. Rex takes a burst of machine gun fire in the face and almost buys it. The others try to take down the remaining enemies as they are running away.

Session 23 – The Drifts

Canti plots our course and we start off to the drifts. The trip takes 5 days and we see the ship on an asteroid as we arrive. The asteroid itself is about the size of North America, and is actually a binary dwarf planet. Canti deploys drones down to the asteroid to search for life signs. There is a thin methane atmosphere. The drone comes in closer and sees a man-made structure, in front of which is a metal statue of a bird that is half-finished. We decide to land the ship and take a look around, gearing up for the conditions and Canti brings his drones.

While searching the area we do find what appear to be ATV treads all around the area. We also notice a small surveillance drone by the other ship, which Canti hacks into and sees that they’ve been using it to survey areas around the planet. The ship’s entries are locked but Canti is able to hack in and get us inside. It looks like the occupants hastily grabbed items from inside the ship and took off. The ship’s sensor logs show videos of two women putting up the bird sculpture.

We start searching the outlying areas with the ship’s sensors and notice that there are cave entrances nearby. We trek into one along with Man-Bot and eventually we come to a blast door. Canti tries to hack in but finds that the protocols are quite old; the protocols are over 200 years old. We use a maglock sequencer to open the door, which opens to a warehouse hallway. We see three robots on tank treads ahead of us, which trundle up and stop about 15 feet from the entrance. We notice that they are staring blankly ahead at us. They are making a radio transmission which Cam realizes is analog. It is a synthesized voice that says “Are you here to see the foreman. Are you replacement crew?” We answer yes and they take us into the mine.

It seems that part of the building is used to build the robots that we have seen. The robots take us to a separate area with a teleconference screen and tell us that the foreman will be with us shortly. We see the symbols on the walls that say “Automated Mining Systems” in Chinese characters. Eve searches the company name in one of her databases and sees that it has been out of business for more than 100 years.

A moment later the door closes and a computer generated avatar comes onto the screen and explains that we are the new replacement crew and we must start work immediately. It is able to respond to questions and verifies that the two women are currently working in the mine. We decide to play along for the time being and allow ourselves to be taken in to personal quarters.

We manage to get a communique open to one of the girls and she explains that they’ve been here several months and can’t get out. There was another crew that tried to take them out by force and were cut down by the robots. Cam asks her why they came here and why they decided to build the bird sculpture. She says that it was just a fanciful trip to come here and that the sculpture was just art that they created before they were pressed into service. Cam doesn’t believe her and says that after the group gets them out they need to answer truthfully.

Stitch gets called to repair the video feed to one of the monitors. Meanwhile Canti sends his drones throughout the facility to scope everything out. A short while later, an alert goes out throughout the system that says the facility is being hacked and security is being deployed to take care of the problem. However, Canti is not seeing any activity coming to stop him. Soon he is able to get root control and deactivates the high alert status. However, it seems that the Architect likeness controls many of the main functions. He sets it to Eve’s likeness so she can be in charge of the system. Eve makes all of us admins in the system and lets the AI know that the facility is due to be changed for new products, therefore production quotas are now zero.

We tour the facility and see how incredibly large it is…every time they run out of warehouse space they build a new one (there are 35 warehouses as of now) to house the obsolete fuel cells that the factory creates.

After a while the system notifies us that there is a visitor. We see a visual of him and he seems to be heavily armored. Eve commands that security be put on high alert and we go to see who it is.

Session 22 – Hudson Hawk

Cam uses the ship’s equipment to determine that the metal we found is Ozmium, an extremely dense metal. We have 12 slabs at 300 kilograms each. At 1/4 nuyen per gram, this is likely worth about 900,000 nuyen. Stitch calls one of his contacts, Fess Higgins (on Mars), and he says that he may be able to sell it more easily if it were cut. Higgins would be interested in 3 of the slabs at 72,000 nuyen apiece. We decide to try some of our other contacts to sell them as well. Bengal is offering us 62,000 per slab, and he would buy 4. Bryce Tebbe would buy 1 at 65,000. Erich Schichammer would buy up to 3 for 70,000.

First we will go to Vesta to meet Fess, then Earth to hawk the paintings, the Moon to see Bengal, then Ceres to meet Bryce Tebbe.

We get to Earth and start negotiations with Eve’s buyer, Rina, at an art gallery. The offer needs to go back to “the brass” for a decision, so Eve invites Rina out for dinner in the meantime. Stitch goes along to dinner; Raptor stays with the paintings at the art gallery and the others stay on the ship.

They seem to be making a good impression on Rina, but Stitch notices that someone at the bar has been checking them out. Cam does a search on her likeness but finds nothing. She walks out of the bar soon after, so Cam, Rex and Canti head down to the bar. It takes them about 20 minutes to get there. After searching for a while they don’t see anything.

The evening with Rina ends, and she lets us know that the buy was approved. Eve opts to meet the director of the museum this evening and get the money right away. We get 250,000 nuyen for the paintings.

Eve talks to her doctor, also on Earth, and asks about buying the “creepy” vials that we found on the sub. She says that she will be able to send them out to a lab for analysis. The group lets her know about the possible danger of the vials.

By the time we are done with these runs, it is the end of November. We go to see Yusuf and Eve has lots of sex with him. He can’t seem to find any info on the Artemis guild that is apparently stalking us.

We go to Ceres and sell the last of the Ozmium. From our hauls we get 100,000 nuyen apiece.

Cam lets the others know that he has a lead on a possible job. His friend Kerza Brokk, a parts dealer on Vesta, sent him a message saying that her cousin and her fiancee are lost in the Kuiper Belt. Her cousin’s father is a wealthy individual who works for an aeronautics corporation on Earth. Unfortunately he has already hired several people who either did not follow up with the job or got lost in the process.

We speak with the man and he offers us 250,000 nuyen in equipment from their company plus 100,000 for expenses and extra cash. We start to determine how much it will cost to fit the ship for the conditions and also to buy the equipment we’ll need for the mission. We price out space suits, weatherproofing the ship, modding our weapons and other equipment. The total is about 205,000 nuyen + 16,000 for the ship + 92,700 for upgrading Canti’s drones.