Session 29 – Future History

GM: Paul
Players: Ian-Brad, Alex-John, Dusty-Matt, Jon-Simon, Bill-Chet
Game Date: January 5-19, 2019

We return from the museum. Ian looks at the gear that was found in the sheriff’s office and finds a smartwatch of some type; the backpack seems to hold data and provides power. He gives it to Simon to see if he can do an object reading. Simon does so, and he is able to rewind back really far — to the time that the watch was created. It was given to the man, “AJ” Gary Johnson who was an agent with a Division-like organization in Milwaukee.

From his POV, Simon sees the events that happen during the cataclysm including AJs wife’s death and his subsequent work helping with the aftermath. He was one of only five agents in the Milwaukee area and all of the others were killed between 2012 and 2018. He went into the Sheriff’s office to scavenge for supplies. There he was stabbed by the beast we ran across and bled out.

From this, we find much more information about the state of the government after the disaster. There is part of a functioning government but everything seems to be mostly local like it is here, since there are no communications. At one point martial law was declared, and there have been several presidents in the past few years. DC was nuked, there was radiation fallout in New York, and also in the Dakotas. We also find info on the Talolans; there are some in the southeast US.

The watch is functional and has maps and reports on it. Reports still came in after AJ passed away. He has some areas tagged on maps — The Orphanage (run by Cassidy MacLoughlin). 18 kids are here, 8 adults, etc.

AJ was getting people in touch and helping them, but in many cases it’s only 5-10 people.

Alex is working on the Blues project with Lucy over the next couple of weeks and things are quiet. However, on the 18th of January during the day we see a big fireball coming through the southern sky and we see a mushroom cloud. There is basically an earthquake here and a wall of snow blasts toward us. Some people are hurt from falling ice and all the glass is shattered on the cabins here. We figure that the impact happened in Chicago.

We work on getting those who are injured to the infirmary and board up the windows. Dusty checks on the livestock and they are very anxious but okay.

We check in by radio to all the people we know and everyone south is in trouble. We decide to head south and see what we can find out. Meaghan goes to the southwest to help some people and the rest of us go straight south.

The Ironwood Golf Course sends some sno cats and a bunch of people and supplies. Ian coordinates with several other settlements. He goes to address the hub before we leave. He asks everyone to be prepared to suffer some hardships in the short term as we are helping more refugees and everyone needs to help out in order for this to work.

We pack up our gear, food and medical supplies and head out the morning of the 19th. We camp overnight and the next day we find a settlement near St. Charles, IL. There are several people here who are injured and one with severe internal bleeding. We patch them up and Alex uses his psionic healing on the one with internal bleeding, however we don’t let them know that he’s a Talolan. We offer to have them come with us. Simon finds an old snowmobile in a small shed. The spark plug is messed up and we replace it. Then we head to bed as it’s 11pm.

The next morning we head out, leaving the people some supplies and instructions on where to go if they want to start moving.¬† We see multi-story buildings that are flattened. We find another group with lots of people injured, and help them out. We search around and find 5 more survivors. They are trapped underneath a building, but we’re able to dig them out.

We head out and suddenly there are wooly mammoths. We try to skirt around them and suddenly a group of sabretooth tigers jump out and attack us. We gun the snowmobiles and barely escape. As we zoom away, one slashes at Chet and his thick jacket just saves him.

We head closer to the impact site and see a huge crater, over 3.5 miles wide and as high as the Empire State Building. We see something huge and Alex and Simon recognize it as a main drive from one of the ships. Suddenly there is a huge flash and we all feel strange. Some of us feel like our clothes are loose and we realize that all of our buttons have been pulled out, and anything metal is completely gone. We see grass underneath our feet and look around to see Halloween decorations.

We realize that Chet has a length of rebar stuck into his leg. Alex helps him pull it out and heals it almost immediately.

A man pulls up in a car and asks us if we need help. We are confused and not sure what to say. He asks why we are wearing such warm clothes and we say that we’re getting ready for a Halloween party.

Simon checks out the man’s license plate and it says that it expires in Feb of 2004. So, apparently it’s Halloween 2003. We discuss and decide what to do.