Session 28 – Sheriff’s Office Scavenging

GM: Paul
Players: Ian-Brad, Alex-John, Dusty-Matt, Jon-Simon, Bill-Chet, Paul-Meaghan(NPC)
Game Date: January 3-5, 2019

We are back at the museum, which has piles of books taken from the library. The corridor between the two buildings is no longer used. Chet has a suit of armor that he wants to take back, but he can’t carry it. He puts it on the sled to be dragged back to the Hub.

We head into the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office to look for leftover cop gear. As we head inside, we are all shocked at the sight of a huge mass with tentacles everywhere. The stench is horrible. Simon falls to the ground, stunned, and the others unload with firearms on it. The thing strikes back with a tentacle and nearly impales Meaghan and then Dusty, but they are able to dodge out of the way. Simon stands and takes a shot at the thing, then Alex uses his psionics to put it to sleep.

Simon asks Ser about the beast and he says that it’s fairly common, and predatory. Best to be avoided.

We sneak past the thing and Ian and Meaghan look in the storage closet. Someone had barricaded themselves in here in an effort to get away from the beast, but he’s been dead a long time. There are some supplies that he had with him. Ian picks them up.

On our way out we decide that we should kill this thing so no one else can get attacked by it. Ian puts his gun into its strange beaked mouth and blows it away.

We follow Ian through the rest of the Sheriff’s Office. It seems mostly undisturbed because this monster ate anything that came in here. We find a few other items in the building including a parking boot that Simon finds.

In the last area, we notice a police tactical SUV that has fallen off of a ledge. We hook up a winch to pull it up so we can get inside and get some of the tactical gear. We find a bunch of things that are really helpful.

We stay another night at the library and give them some 7up and also some of the guns we find. We head back the next day, January 5th.