Session 26 – Blink Raccoons

GM: Paul
Players: Dusty-Matt, Jon-Simon, Bill-Chet, Paul-Meaghan(NPC)
Game Date: December 26, 2018

It’s the 26th of December. Ian, Sean and Alex have an “emergency” to attend to and leave. We’re not exactly sure what it is. Simon, Dusty and Chet are in the bunkhouse and Meaghan comes in and asks us how we are doing. Dusty didn’t get much sleep last night

We get a call from the Milwaukee Library that they heard an SOS from a local couple in Mount Pleasant have been raided and people stole all of their food stores. We decide to go and help them.

We get some supplies together and some very warm clothes and gear as it’s extremely cold, around -10 but sunny. We take 2 snowmobiles with a sled behind each and Dusty’s two dogs.

Mount Pleasant is only a few miles to the northeast but it’s rough country. After a while we stop to check if we’re going the right direction and we do see some smoke. Meaghan is getting a bit cold but the rest of us are doing okay.

We get to the house and Simon and Meaghan go in and introduce themselves. The couple are named Jay and Jaclyn. They say that someone or something broke into their garage and took most of their stores, and smashed the rest.

Dusty and Chet check out the damage and it looks like a mess. There are a lot of pawprints. They think it might have been raccoons but they aren’t sure.

Simon takes a look around and decides to use his newfound Object Reading power to look back a day and see what happened. He is very surprised to see that a raccoon teleports itself inside the garage and lets several others in. They coordinate and put things into bags from the storage, and then make off with it. He tells the others about it and they are pretty astonished.

Jay is confused as to how the raccoons could have gotten in and Simon says that one must have hid inside and let the others in somehow. He seems to accept this.

Jay and Jaclyn say that they will come to the Hub, if we have room for them, as it will be nice to be around other people for once. We say that we’re happy to help them get there and we have room for them to take some things. They start packing things up.

In the meantime, the rest of us go to check on the raccoons. They are holed up in a culvert with piles of rocks on each side, clearly not enough room for raccoons to get by. They must be teleporting in and out of here.

We start digging out to see if we can get a glimpse at them, the dogs doing a great job. Meaghan carries two rocks at once, impressing everyone. Dusty pulls a rock out and it rolls against his leg, injuring it pretty badly. Chet binds it up but Dusty decides to sit out the rest of the excavation.

After a while we are able to clear enough space to see through and suddenly raccoons start piling out and attacking us. Some of them seem to be teleporting. One jumps on top of Angelo, Dusty’s dog, but Meaghan is able to slash it with her axe. Simon tries to slash at one with his knife and misses, hitting Chet instead but it doesn’t go through his armor. Red, the wolf dog, grabs one of the raccoons and shakes it to death. Chet blasts another one with his shotgun.

There are many more inside, we hear them screeching and chattering, so we decide to retreat. We have two dead raccoons that the dogs can chew on. We head back to the house and the husband and wife are almost done packing. We help them finish up and then head back to the Hub.