Session 5 – Midra

The heroes wake up after a night healing while staying at the blacksmith’s shop, on the floor in the back room. Azolla comes into town looking for Nylian because he didn’t return the night before. The friends explain what happened and that they weren’t able to stop the bandits from attacking the town.

Azolla says that she will stay and help them, and they start formulating a plan. They will talk to the people in town and see if they will assist in fighting the bandits, and they can all drive them out with superior numbers the next day.

The friends talk to the blacksmith, Ben, and he agrees to lend out weapons from his shop, but he doesn’t have much left. He also tells them that the mayor is corrupt but the moral center of the town is actually the priest who is at the chapel down the street. He fought in a war and may be helpful to bring the other townspeople in.

Speaking with the priest, he agrees to make a speech to the town that afternoon and try to bring everyone together. He suggests recruiting townspeople in the meantime and telling them about the meeting. The farmer nearby has three strong sons who may help in the fighting.

The group spends the rest of the early part of the day talking with townspeople and getting them to agree to come to the town square in the afternoon. Most agree, including the farmer’s sons, after Azolla convinces them that after the bandits bleed the town dry, they will attack the nearby farms next. In the afternoon the priest gives a speech and tries to convince everyone to fight back and help the heroes drive them out. He offers his sword, which is old but still sharp, to one of the farmer’s sons. Most are excited to get them out of town, but about ten people just want to be left alone and head back to their homes. About fifty people total will help.

That evening, Rhys helps the owner of the tavern mix rum into the ale so the bandits get more intoxicated. They will then attack tomorrow morning when they are all passed out and drive them out of town.

The bandit attack happens as expected that evening and more things are stolen. A couple of people were wounded in the conflict but no one died. The town, including the heroes, rest up before the attack in the morning.

The heroes wake up early and lead the townspeople who have borrowed weapons and farm implements to the west side of town where the bandit camp is. They are all predictably passed out, even more so since their ale was mixed with rum. The heroes tie some of them up, but Nylian wakes two of them and they jump up to attack. Even unarmed they are still dangerous and take a few minutes to defeat.

Seeing the heroes’ success, the townspeople rally and move into the camp, beating up the bandits and sending them on the road away from town, telling them never to come back. After this they come back to town and pull the mayor from his home, sending him packing wearing only his underwear.

The heroes are able to recover over 200 gold pieces from the bandit’s tents, which they return to the people in the village. They are so thankful that they pay each hero 15 gold pieces, and say they will be welcomed back warmly if they ever return.

The heroes leave for other adventures, and Rhys writes a song to commemorate their heroics in the town. The others realize that every time he retells the story, more bandits are added or the situation becomes more dangerous. Eventually, Rhys boasts that they were fighting against orcs, and Quinn slew eight of them with one swipe from his sword.