Session 1 – Heroes of the Sword Coast

Four friends, Quinn (a fighter with a two-handed sword); Nylian (an elf druid); Saffron (a halfling rogue); and Rhys (a half-elf bard) are visiting the city of Neverwinter for the first time. They have already had a couple of what they might call “adventures” which were relatively mild, but this hasn’t stopped Rhys from creating grand songs and ballads about the group of friends. In his songs he calls them the “Heroes of the Sword Coast” which is a lofty title for those as inexperienced as they are.

In fact Saffron, who joined the group a couple of weeks ago, heard Rhys’ songs when the other three were visiting her home town where she is a princess, and was impressed so much that she decided to come along. She does not talk much about her family, but does say that she misses her brother, who treated her well.

The city of Neverwinter is huge and overwhelming to our heroes, but they can see that it’s bursting with opportunities for work (and fame!). They head into a tavern called the Hound’s Tooth, looking to meet others. Rhys immediately takes the stage with his lute and starts singing about how the friends are great heroes, but he is slightly out of tune. Several townspeople come forward and tell him and the other friends to leave. Saffron speaks up and asks them to back off, but one of the men says “did I hear a mouse squeak?” She speaks more clearly and persuades them to go back to their seats, which they do.

Despite protests from the others, Rhys begins singing again, and this time fares much better. He is singing in tune and talking about the fabled exploits of the group. Several patrons come forward to listen, but scratch their heads when they see that the friends are awfully young to have done anything like the song says. Still, they give some money and Rhys collects 11 gold for his efforts.

After drinking and singing for a while, the friends decide to step outside and look for a place to stay for the night. As they are chatting, the three townspeople from the Hound’s Tooth approach from the alley and repeat that the friends should leave town. Two brandish knives, and one has a sword. A fight breaks out, and though for a few minutes it seems evenly matched, Saffron and Rhys score hits on their opponents. They both scream that it “really hurts!” Nylian uses a spell that creates vines coming up from the road to try and capture the townspeople, but they are able to escape. After a few more moments of fighting, all three of them are knocked down.

At that moment, a group of other townspeople approach and ask them what is going on. They seem to have weapons of their own. From behind them, however, a gruff voice tells them all to stop what they are doing. He tells them that they are all drunk and they should go home and sleep it off. A sturdy looking dwarf and a human warrior step out into the light. The men think better of things and move off, taking their wounded with them.

The dwarf approaches and says that his name is Gundren Rockseeker, and his friend is Sildar Hallwinter. He says that he witnessed their bravery and that he would like to discuss business with them. He asks them to go back into the tavern so he can buy them a drink and discuss. The friends agree and follow the two men in.

At a table at the back of the bar, Gundren tells the friends that he and his brothers have found “something big” and they need help bringing a wagon of supplies from Neverwinter to Phandalin. He will pay each of them 10 gold for the trip, and Sildar will accompany them. The group, eager for adventure, agree.