Session 5 – The Wizard’s Castle

The friends continue their search of this level, finding a kitchen, guard room, parlor, hall, and two guest rooms. They defeat a few wandering monsters and a few gold pieces are found among these areas, along with a set of three Dwarven-crafted steins and a collection of test tubes with liquid in them that Daladium takes. Finally the last room is a well and stock room. In here they find a secret stash hidden behind a brick in the wall. Here Daladium finds a magical robe that protects him as if it is armor.

Deciding that they have searched everywhere on this floor, the friends go to the nearby stairwell and ascend to the second level.

Session 4 – The Wizard’s Castle

The next day, the friends leave from Northfort and travel to the wizard’s castle. Along the way, they are attacked by highwaymen. Defeating the ruffians, the friends strip them to their underwear and tie them to a tree. They leave them there and continue to the castle.

Once reaching the castle, the friends use the secret entrance that Gilroy informed them about and gain access to the entryway. They see that it is an extremely large room with adjacent doors on every side. There are three cauldrons in the open areas of the room that probably used to be for lighting.

Suddenly noise is heard from the entrance and the group sees Gilroy and several of his men enter. He says that the only reason he let the friends know about the entrance is so they would set off any traps when trying to gain entry. Gilroy has no intention of sharing any of the treasure with them. A battle ensues and Gilroy and his men are soundly beaten by the group of friends. They flee out the front door and are not heard from again.

Session 3 – The Wizard’s Castle

A few weeks after the friends’ last adventure, they have gotten even more acclaim in Northfort for their success at the Lava Temple.┬áThe tavern hostler, Elvan, says that if they are looking to do more exploring, there is a famous adventurer in town named Gilroy the Stout Hearted who has been asking about them. He points out the tall, blonde man at another table as Gilroy and says that they should go and meet him.

The friends speak to Gilroy and the group of men with him, and they are greeted warmly. Gilroy says that there is an exciting opportunity for a group of adventurers and they might be right for the job. A few miles out of town there is an abandoned castle, and legend says that it used to belong to an extremely powerful wizard. In years past the wizard ruled over the entire area and the locals were his slaves. They feared him, and if they ever disobeyed they were punished severely. Even long after the wizard died the locals would not visit the castle out of fear, but supposedly the wizard’s riches and magical items are still there. Gilroys says that if the friends are brave enough, they could try and enter the castle and find the riches — and that he knows of a secret way to get inside. All that Gilroy asks is for a portion of the riches in exchange for showing the friends the secret way in. A deal is struck, and the friends prepare to leave for the castle using Gilroy’s directions.