Session 6 – The Wizard’s Castle

The friends enter the second level of the castle, and see a main hallway with two doors on each side leading to different rooms, and then a double door straight ahead.

Searching this area, the friends see that the torches here are all blue flame. They appear to be magical. Voran sees what appears to be a doorway in the stone wall near the stairwell. He figures out that if the torch holder next to it is moved, the door opens. He tries it and the door swings open into a dark room.

Before going in, the friends all take one of the torches on the wall, though several are still left. They can be turned on and off with a mental command, and never burn down.

Voran is about to venture in the room when Elysant tells everyone to get back — she sees movement in the room. They get back, but when nothing happens Voran sends his wolf into the room. Even though he can see through his wolf’s eyes (with his Animal Sight ring), it’s so dark in the room that he can’t make anything out.

The wolf snarls and snaps at something, and fighting is heard. Daladium rushes forth into the room and sees a skeletal wolf. He smashes it instantly with his sword before it can get a strike off.

Searching the small room, the friends find a chest here. It has a bag with 100 gold in it. Satisfied that they have found everything, they move on.