Session 2 – The Lava Temple

The friends are enjoying their status as local heroes in the town of Northfort. They do small jobs for people in the town but are dreaming of larger adventures.

One day the halfing thief, Swiftmark, comes to the group and says that he needs to leave town. He does not get much explanation for this, but seems sad. The others bid him farewell and he packs up his things and departs.

A short time later, when visiting the Northfort tavern, the friends hear from the hostler Elvan about an ancient temple outside of town. It is known that there is treasure inside, but there are many traps and no one who has tried to take the treasure has come out alive. The friends decide it is worth the risk and plan to go there.

On the way to the temple they are attacked by wild animals. Voran uses his animal communication skills to calm them down and make them leave.

Finally reaching the temple, Voran, Daladium and Elysant find a stone door and are able to pull it open. Once inside, they find that there are many dangers indeed. Almost every room has lava on the floor, and there are traps everywhere. Also large insects and other beasts have been living here and attack the group.

After finding some gold and other treasure and getting through all of the traps, the friends finally reach what they think may be the last room where the treasure horde is kept. However, the floor gives way and they slide down into a room filled with lava! Barely making their way to safety and after defeating several more monsters, they finally find the treasure horde.

Among the treasure is more gold, jewels and several magical items. Voran finds a ring that allows him to see through his pet wolf’s eyes, no matter the distance. He also finds a pair of boots that greatly increase his speed. Daladium finds a staff that can cast a bolt of light from it, and a ring that increases his magical power. Elysant finds a pair of arm bands that increase her strength. Finally there is a magical headrest that imbues healing on anyone that sleeps on it.

Glad to have survived the lava temple, the friends make their way home to Northfort.