Session 1 – The Shopkeeper

Four friends — a wizard (Daladium), an Elf (Voran), a girl in armor with a spear (Elysant the Brave), and a Halfling (Swiftmark) are walking through their town in the market square when they hear a Dwarf shopkeeper complain that an Elf stole from him.

The Elf says that he’s done nothing wrong and tries to leave. The friends get involved and speak to the Elf. They see that it was really the Dwarf that was trying to cheat the Elf, so they confront him.

The Dwarf has some lackeys attack the friends, but they defeat them and Voran’s wolf pet bites the shop keeper in the butt!

They take the Dwarves off to jail, and the town is thankful for their heroism.