Session 4 – Midra

Quinn, Rhys, the miner and their new friend Nylian head toward the town of Midra. Nylian leads them easily through the woods as he is very familiar with the area.

They arrive a while later at Midra and see that it’s a small town with only a few buildings. There is a blacksmith, an inn, a general store, a very small tavern and a church but not much else. The friends decide to go to the blacksmith first, and the man seems very worried that they are going to rob him. When they introduce themselves and appear friendly, he relaxes. The villager, whose name is Ben, also vouches for them.

Nylian asks if the man has anything for sale here, but he says that he doesn’t because every time he has a lot of goods, the bandits come into town and steal everything. He doesn’t have much money and never keeps stock, he just builds whatever is commissioned and delivers it quickly.

When asked more about the bandits, he says that there are more than twenty of them are at a camp about a mile outside of town to the west, and they often come through the town around dinnertime and raze it. They steal, break things and then head back to their camp afterward and party long into the night, then pass out from drunkenness. They repeat the process almost every night.

The friends decide that the way to attack the bandits is when they are passed out in the middle of the night. Quinn and Nylian have the blacksmith sharpen their swords which he charges 5 gold apiece for, and then they decide to make camp outside the town before the bandit attack.

Ben thanks them again for their help and goes home. Nylian and Rhys head out of town with the supplies and set up camp with a few tents and bedrolls. Meanwhile, Quinn goes to the tavern and asks for some soup. The proprietor is very happy to have business and orders up his serving girl to get a small cauldron of soup for them. Quinn carries it to the camp and they have dinner.

A couple of hours later, they hear noise from the town as the bandits have arrived. They decide to sneak up and see what is going on, hanging back toward the woods and behind the blacksmith shop. Unfortunately one of the bandits sees them and four come running through the alley to attack.

Nylian creates a cloud of fog over them, but they rush through it and strike. Rhys decides to be a hero and runs forward, throwing his dagger with no effect. Quinn attacks and takes out one of them and wounds another, but he is beaten down by the men’s swords and falls. Nylian is able to take out the remaining two and heals Rhys, then Quinn but only barely. He drags them back to the camp so they can heal up.